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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Irritation level 100

Today has been one of those days where everything has irritated me and ive just wanted the day to be over.... in fact this post could so easily turn into one long rant about everything. Every little detail and thing that has irritated me today!!

   It began with this morning, my computer said it had 45 minutes battery time left but when it said it had 27 minutes left it turned itself off.... so then I had no computer until I got to school and could charge it again. Not that that mattered so much, i didnt have anything super important to do online. 
The irritation began more once i left the house.... the elevator went at the speed of a turtle and someone got into the elevator at almost all the floors so it took forever and i missed the train.
    Then on my way to the gym lots of people were sort of whirring around, walking into me, stopping so that I walked into them and there was chaos in the traffic. ... cars everywhere, driving crazy.  Not even my workout could make my irritation go away, though it helped me get some anger out and by the end of my workout my legs were shaking so much that I had to just lie down on the stretch mat for a while. And from then on my irritation level has sky rocketed and my patience for the day and people declined. My bitch face has been at level 500 today, just not having patience for people.... Instead keeping to myself because I haven't wanted to talk. Had too much on my mind... stressing over tomorrow's maths test. I've got other deadlines as well and so many other things to try to do. This week I won't be sleeping much anyway.

By the end of my school day it was such a relief to be able to come home to an empty house, i even stopped in the shop to buy some treat things as i felt that i was in major need of them!

At the moment, despite only starting school again i am feeling mentally exhausted. I have so many things to think about, so many different things up in the air, trying to control and plan. Stress and pressure from almost all areas of my life right now, so its not a nice situation to be in at all. Feeling like its all too much. But i am not going to write it all out here... Or maybe i will, that might help. But for now i just need to take each day as it comes and work through these next few weeks and get the work done!

I know i said i would post less about food... and i will, but i just couldnt help it ;) I wanted to share my delicious snack with you all (visually anyway!)

This evening its some last preparation for my maths test (which i dont have high hopes for at all :( ) and then an early nights sleep!


  1. You will be fine and be able to cope with it all Izzy - just let yourself settle back into the school routine and everything will flow!

    I have to ask - what are the large white things in your mixed back of nuts? They look amazing! I wish we had pick 'n' mix like that here in Ireland!

  2. When I am stressed I eat more - not because I have an eating disorder that makes me turn to food to feel less stressed, but because my body's response to a calorie-deficit is stress. It's like my brain doesn't have enough energy to focus and being rational, instead I get irritated and can't think etc. I feel like I eat A LOT, but eating even more than that really is my cure against stress! :)

  3. I LOVE your food posts! They're the reason I come on here every day! It's inspiring more than anything, seeing that you can eat a lot and still be so so happy. And you have a wonderful body so your food posts make me realise that if i eat the foods i enjoy it doesn't mean i'm going to suddenly gain a tonne of weight. And on top of that, it all looks so delicious! Please keep up the food posts, they are so helpful :)

  4. Awww Izzy I hope you are feeling better today! Aha at first I thought you said the elevator was running slowly because there was a turtle in it (; that would be a funny sight! Mmm I would do anything for some Swedish quark!! (hopefully I will try it one day ;) )

  5. I love your food posts, I find them inspiring to me :) I hope you're feeling much brighter and better today. Take care xxx