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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

National waffle day

If you did not already know this, i am going to inform you now. It is Waffle day today (25th March), here in Sweden anyway... if its not an international thing, just pretend you are Swedish for the day and make yourself/buy yourself some waffles!

I absaloutly love waffles, more than pancakes... and that shows just how much i love waffles! And like they say... You are what you eat and waffles are pancakes with abs!  hahaha

After a super long day in school i came home and thought... i am going to make myself waffles. But i didnt want to spend forever trying to find a recipe and then having to measure everything out etc so i just used 2 scoops of my pancake mix and added 1 egg & water and then fried with coconut oil in the waffle maker... and 20 minutes later = super delicious waffles!!!
  I topped mine with quark, grated chocolate, walnuts and strawberries! And all i can say is DELICIOUS. In total making and prepping took 30 minutes and less than 10 minutes to eat it all i was so hungry!!! Now that i know i can use my pancake mix i am going to make waffles alot more often, so much more delicious than pancakes & adding that egg into the mixture made it even more fluffy!!

Now however its study time before i finally get to watch the latest Pretty Little Liars episode... apparently you find out who A is, so i am super excited. But that will be my reward for after my work :)

Have you seen the PLL episode? What did you think?

Are you going to eat waffles today? :) (I highly recommend it!)

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  1. I've just finished watching the PLL season finale. So frustrating!!!! I'm tempted not to watch it any more because they keep dragging it out like this but I want to know who A is so badly!