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Sunday, March 22, 2015

I'd rather enjoy life than worry about a summer body

Personal update time :)
Yesterday i was feeling much better, no pain anywhere and had plenty of energy as well. However to be on the safe side i stayed indoors and studied. I was super productive with my studying as well, a flow of words and energy and worked through different assignments for 2,5 hours before i felt that that was enough studying for the day. Then i decided to head to A's place as he isnt working this weekend and i was feeling better :)
   My suggestion was: TV games, movies and lots of snacks, which was exactly what we did.

First TV games where we played a racing game, and i had warned A that i was no good. However i turned out to be really awful... the 'lap' which he usually does in 90 seconds took me 13 minutes the first time. However it didnt help that i was laughing so much and was driving backwards and crashing into everything possible.... however with some helpful tips on how to actually drive and steer the car i managed to drive the lap in 3 minutes... which atleast is better than 13 minutes.
  However i am good at Super Mario Kart!! XD

Then it was burger time followed by two movies and lots of snacks: Ben and Jerrys ice cream, salted nuts, crisps with dip and a new salty popcorn chocolate which is soooo goood. Almost a new favourite :) Sweet and salt really work well together.

Alot of chocolate snacking has been lately as well as all these different foods which usually werent part of my weekly diet, however that doesnt mean i am going to panic or start eating less or working out more. Food is energy. Its just a different form of energy. However that lead to me having SOOO much energy this morning. I only slept 5 hours, but i had too much energy so i went out for a walk and now when i am back i still have too much energy...i feel like running 10km as well as going to the gym and lifting weights and even going wall climbing!! Just want to use all this energy and do something, hahaha. However A is still sleeping so i am just going to wait and see what he feels like doing today!!! :)

Just a little update on how i am feeling/what i am doing anyway :)

And remember - dont panic about a summer or beach body. The only summer body you need is the one you have right now!


  1. I feel like that a lot - i see being mentally happy is more important than having a perfect body....and a lot of the time, that perfect body image comes from a photoshopped photo.

    I do know that i will feel bad wearing a bikini or swimsuit in the summer though but im trying to tell myself that feeling good on a day to day basis and living my life is more important than starving myself to look "good" in a bikini.

    Anyway Izzy - you always look great!

  2. I just love the summer!! :) Feeling good within is SO much better than looking visually 'perfect' in something (i.e. bikini).

  3. why choose when you can have both right? ;)
    I thought chocolate and varied food was part of your weekly diet? xD

  4. A healthy and happy person looks always beautiful!

  5. Popcorn chocolate is delicious! Milka used to make one but I've not seen it. It was my daughter's and my favorite!