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Sunday, March 15, 2015

How to stop binging

Hi Izzy. I've gotten better from my bulimia, that turned into anorexia, about a year ago. But now I'm struggling with binge eating. I can't stop myself from eating so much food. I am aware at what I'm doing and yet I can't stop. I keep thinking, 'screw it, just eat and start over tomorrow', but that tomorrow keeps turning into everyday and it's making me want to go back to a restrictive lifestyle. It makes me feel uncomfortable under my skin and want to lose everything I've gained. I really need your help. I know you're not a doctor, but I know you've experienced this at some point. I just want your advice, any ideas on how to stop and to fight those urges. 

Thank you. 

Binging happens for many reasons however what i have found from my own experience and from reading other peoples stories is that it is most often mental, if its not due to hormones or extreme hunger (often from a lack of food for a period of time, so then when your body finally gets food it just wants more and more. And if this happens for a short period of time its ok, its a natural response however extreme hunger shouldnt turn into an everyday binge as that isnt good or healthy for the body either.)

From your message it sounds like your binging is mental, though i dont know what else is going on in your life... if you are actually eating enough during the day? Are you sleeping enough? Eating enough carbs? Are you stressed? All those things can lead to binging or overeating. But where you are going wrong is thinking... I'll start tomorrow. I have already ruined today. So then you keep binging and over eating for the rest of the day because you think tomorrow will be different, but then the same thing happens and its and it becomes a negative spiral of.... Ill change tomorrow but then nothing changes and you get anxiety and feel guilty which can often lead to more binging as you feel worthless and a failure.

The first thing i am going to say is that this type of binging is actually Very common, unfortunatly. Alot of people have the mindset that if they eat chocolate or eat more than they had planned then suddenly everything is ruined so you might as well just keep eating everything. But think like this.... So what if you ate more, whether it was because the food tasted really good or because you were more hungry - its ok to eat more. But when you think that you have messed up your day and keep overeating, its THERE that you go wrong. Not the initial extra portion or 1 or 2 rows of chocolate. See food as fuel and know that eating a little extra somedays wont make  a difference.

The reason you can feel so uncomfortable is that 1) It is physically uncomfortable to binge, to overeat and feel like you cant stop it. But also 2) Because you get feelings of guilt and feeling like a failure. But you ARENT a failure. However you do need to try to stop the binges which you can do in a number of different ways.

1) Dont restrict. Make sure to eat enough and regular meals throughout the day.
2) Drink water and tea and coffee throughout the day, sipping on lemon water or other fruit water can be great.
3) Eat foods that fill you up i.e fiber and protein rich foods but for some people they find that foods with healthy fats fill them up most - and DONT forget about your carb intake. This is important and often people binge because they arent eating enough carbs, and your body craves carbohydrates.
4) Write down your thoughts when you feel out of control, when you find yourself standing in the kitchen eating right out of the cereal box or just eating and you cant stop yourself. Its like you go into a trance, but break free from that trance. Distract yourself.
5) After binging DONT purge or restrict. Instead drink some water, write down how you are feeling and what caused you to binge. Instead of feeling self hate do something kind towards yourself. Maybe put on a face mask or do some yoga or paint your nails, or just listen to some music and try to change your thoughts from negative and destructive ones to more positive ones.
6) Dont feel ashamed or embarrassed, but do ask for help and seek support if you feel that you cant manage to overcome this on your own.
7) Try not to stress, find a way to relax in daily life and cope with your emotions.
8) Know whether its actual hunger or just boredom or your mind tricking you.

Most important is to remember that if you over eat you havent ruined everything, just dont think that you have ruined everything and keep overeating. 

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