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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Focusing too much on your body and appearance - my thoughts

Something which i have realized recently is how more body confident and less attention is focused on my body when i have began taking less body pictures - or what to call them. Many of my readers know that i do have an IG where i used to post more of that type of thing and that doesnt necessarily have to be a bad thing, i liked doing it. So why shouldnt i? However i have begun posting more of other things and its like now less time is focused on looking in the mirror and looking at how i look. Not flexing my stomach, not caring how my arms or legs or belly look flexed. Because in the end i am covered in clothes 90% of the time. But like i was reminded by a reader, what is the point in posting those types of photos? I did enjoy sharing my progress and sometimes i wish i could do more of that on here without being judged for it. But whenever i do share progress photos i get comments like i focus too much on my body or that i am a bad role model because i look a certain way. So i abstain from posting too many body photos and such... though of course, when it comes to summer and i do workout in shorts and a sports bra or go to the beach and such i feel absaloutly no need to cover myself up or feel bad because i look a certain way.

However i feel i am getting off topic - what i wanted to write was that by taking less body photos, spending less time looking in the mirror and instead focusing on others things, thinking about other things and doing on other things. It leads to better body confidence as you dont think about how your body looks, you dont care whether your stomach is bloated or not. But also you feel no pressure to look a certain way.

I can also HIGHLY suggest to stop following accounts who post too much bodyspo or post photos that trigger you. I mean why look at things that trigger you or make you feel bad about yourself? Just unfollow them. Get rid of negativity in your life.

So with this message i want you to think about.... do you take body photos? Do you spend a little too much time looking in the mirror and looking at your body? Can you change that? Give it a go... go a week without taking body pictures, without spending alot of time looking in the mirror. Instead maybe do some other nice things like an at home spa or a massage. Or workout without spending the whole time focused on how your body looks, instead focus on how it feels... how do YOU feel when you exercise/workout?

However... i do believe in taking selfies :) Of course not an extreme amount :) But sometimes you just feel super hella awesome, then take that selfie :) Enjoy your smile, share your smile!! But dont focus too much on your body, because you are MORE THAN YOUR BODY.


  1. I agree :) I used to struggle a lot with looking in the mirror too much and even if now I don't focus on what my body looks likes so much, I still catch myself seeing if my outfit looks ok, if my hair is fine or if I'm bloated etc. trying to look presentable/ok and wasting a significant amount of time staring at my reflection when I couldve spent it on something more useful and enjoyable. And it really is unnecessary. Of course we should take care of ourselves and all that but it's more about how you feel inside that really makes a difference :) Feeling good in your body is an awesome feeling!!