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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Everybody has bad body image days

Ive recently been asked if i ever get bad body image days or still get thoughts about feeling fat. And the answer to this is Yes. Everybody does.
   Infact healthy teenage girls are the ones who struggle the most (from healthy people) with these types of thoughts and feelings. But even guys and older men and women. For women especially during that time of the month they can feel less body confident, feel pudgy and fat. And even guys struggle with bad body image days, its not uncommon at all.

However the difference is that when someone struggles with an eating disorder these types of thoughts or feelings lead to things such as restricting, over exercising, binging, self harm etc as a way to cope with those types of feelings. Instead of just accepting that you are having a bad day with negative thoughts due to reasons like stress, anxiety, tiredness etc
  Usually these types of thoughts and feelings occur for a reason as mentioned above and they usually pass within a few days time or even just a few hours. Normal people can cope with these types of feelings, even if it puts a damper of their day and their mood and they might not feel so confident.

Even after recovery you will have days where you feel less body confident, days where you feel fat or days you just hate everything about yourself and your appearance but you will learn to cope with these days and know that the feelings and thoughts will pass. They are not ED thoughts, there is a difference.

However i recommend whether you have just normal bad body image days or ED thoughts, that you try to change your thoughts and think positive. Now i know there will be someone reading this who will roll their eyes and sigh at this statement. But yes, change your thoughts.

Do you really think you will feel better if you just agree with that voice in your head and keep telling yourself that you are fat, ugly and useless? Or if you instead think, These thoughts will pass. I am beautiful just the way i am and nothing has changed from yesterday to today. Instead i am going to drink some water, put on comfy clothes, accept that i feel this way right now. Instead i am going to do something nice, eat something yummy and rest. De stress if necessary, get enough sleep and food so that hopefully i will feel better tomorrow, and if i dont. I will repeat these steps and remind myself that i am beautiful no matter what.

^^Which type of thinking do you think will help you the most?

So remember, bad body image days do happen. But they dont have to ruin your day, your week or your life. Instead you need to find a way to cope with them and not let them bring you down.


  1. I never have bad body image days - not even bad body image minutes! :O
    I love my body every minute of every day. I didn't think that was abnormal? When I look in the mirror I see a smoking hot body and think of everything it is capable of doing.

    1. That is super awesome and the way it should be :) :) If only everyone else felt like that, then body image and self love would be a part of everyones life :) Thats a super attitude you have and you're a good role model for many :) People shouldnt feel bad about their bodies but most people do have off days :)