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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Currently: Taking a pause from sleeping away the day.

You might have noticed from my lack of posts today that i havent felt good at all today. Last night i woke up at 4.30am and was like, Nope, i am not going to manage to go to school today. So then i sent in my absent report and continued sleeping until 8am. Since then i was out on a short walk with Daisy as i needed fresh air - though i wasnt out for more than 10 minutes and then i did some studying, but it went very slowly.
  For the rest of the day i have slept. My stomach has been in knots and made too much pain. Ive barely even been able to drink today which then makes me feel even more tired. There have even been several times when i have gotten up that i have felt like fainting, so i have resorted to just lying in one position and not moving at all.

Though now, after sleeping for the past 3 hours my stomach and head are both feeling a little better and i am going to attempt some form of dinner and get some H20 into me.

I am not fully sure why i am feeling this way, but i think it is CF related. As this was exactly how i felt 1-2 years ago. I had this building up of feeling sick in my stomach and it progressively got worse and then i spent 2 days in bed just sleeping and then it went away. And its been the same way this way - my stomach has been weird since Sunday evening, but it hasnt been as bad. Because i have CF i have digestive problems so i think its mostly that, as people have suggested it might be stress, caffeine, energy drinks.... but i am pretty sure its not those things as i have felt this way before and then it was because of my CF :(
  So just going to rest and hopefully i will feel better within the next few days.

Its awful to feel so tired and be in so much pain. :/ But... It feels like i am doing too much complaining on here. But i felt i wanted to write an update anyway as to why there might not be any blog posts. Hopefully i will be back in a day or two!


  1. I hope you feel better Izzy :) Being sick sucks, especially when there isn't anything you can do about it. But just sleep like there's no tomorrow and don't worry about blogging! :) Taking care of yourself is more important.

  2. Feel better soon Izzy - look after yourself.

  3. Abdominal pain in people with CF is often chronic in nature as a result of malabsorption despite pancreatic enzyme replacement. However, acute abdominal pain may be a sign of the following disorders: appendicitis, constipation, gastroesophageal reflux (which occurs in up to 60% of patients), celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease (0.22%, which is 17-fold higher than the general population), enteric pathogens, pancreatitis, and biliary disease (Chaudry et al., 2006, Gooding and Westaby, 2007). Distal intestinal obstruction syndrome (DIOS) should be considered one of the first differential diagnoses in a scenario of disabling abdominal pain. DIOS is reported to occur in 15% of patients with CF per year, while pancreatitis (1%-2%), biliary tract pain (4%), and renal stones (6%-7%) also occur with a higher incidence in CF patients (Dondos & Westaby, 2007; Gyi, 2007). Less common causes of abdominal pain in children with CF include recurrent intussusception (1%), volvulus, fibrosing colonopathy, and appendiceal disease (Lardenoye, Puylaert, Smit, & Holscher, 2004). Appendicitis has an incidence rate of 1% to 2% in CF, lower than the 7% in the general population; however, the diagnosis is usually delayed until perforation and abscess formation have occurred (Chaudry et al.; Gooding & Westaby).

    1. Thank you, though i have read quite alot of it before, haha. But its always good with a reminder :)

  4. Have you tried hot water bottles or heating pads? They do wonders for stomach cramps. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you :) I didnt actually try those, but i am sure they work great!

  5. Feel better, Izzy! Stomach pain is the absolute worst! Try drinking broth, it might be easier than water, since your body might want salt. :(

  6. I know I might be late but, I hope you feel better!!! ;)
    Warm bathes and rest allllllwayyyys works for me..

    1. Thank you!! Yes, rest and sleep has worked wonders :)