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Friday, March 6, 2015

Anxiety because of resting

Izzy I'm super filled with anxiety because im sick and weak and have strep throat so I can't workout until I'm better ( been three days ) and I'm terrified I'll puff up or something. Will I be ok? Do I eat less? I don't Want my body to change.

I felt that it was important to answer this question in a post because i know others feel this way and that is actually not a good thing. You should NEVER feel guilty for not working out. If you do, that is a sign of an unhealthy relationship with exercise. Whenever i rest whether its one day, 3 days or a full week i dont feel guilty. I dont eat less, i dont worry that my body will change. Of course if i were to go a whole month without exercising then i would feel restless, feel sad, bored and i am sure my body would change as i wouldnt be strength training and so my muscles wouldnt be challenged as much as they are when i workout often. But feeling guilty for not exercising, for having to rest is not a good sign.

You need to fight those thoughts. Your body is sick at the moment, it NEEDS rest. It needs time to recover and get better. It needs energy so that it can recover, right now your immune system is being attacked and it needs the energy so that it can fight off the bacteria and you can get better. So no, you dont need to eat less. You wont puff up, thats not how it works. You wont suddenly gain 5kg.  Those are all disorderd thoughts and actually its a good thing that you are being forced to rest so that you HAVE to fight those thoughts. If you workout while having something like strep throat you can end up causing negative consequences and more illness and sick time if you push your body while sick.

Keep eating the same amount, rest and when you do start feeling better dont just rush into exercise, start slowly. And most importantly FIGHT THE THOUGHTS. The thoughts you are having arent healthy ones and they will continue to control your life unless you fight them. You cant live a normal or healthy life if you are obsessed with exercise and you panic, get anxiety and feel awful whenever you have to miss a workout.
  You wont suddenly gain loads of weight,you wont pufff up, you wont lose strength or stamina because you rest. Your body also needs rest. 

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