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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

I have been blogging for 7 years, and my whole journey is written in my posts. I now represent healthy and happiness. I want to show anyone struggling that it is possible to recover, no matter how hard it may seem.

I now blog about recovery, my life, veganism and positivity!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Answers part 2

How many calories should I take in recovery?
This is very different depending on the person but also which stage in recovery you are. If you go from very low calories to suddenly eating 2500-3000kcal you can experience refeeding syndrome which isnt good. You need to gradually increase your calories roughly 300-500per week as your body adapts to the weight gain and its recommended to eat around 2500-3500+ kcal a day during recovery.

 How many time should i eat per day? Will I get super hungry?
Its very hard to answer these as its very individual but the recommended amount is 5-7 meals per day, that worked well for me even if it was tough in the beginning but i still eat that way as thats what works best to keep my hunger or extreme hunger away :) 
   And whether you will feel super hungry or not depends on different things, but if you follow a meal plan or try to eat 5-7 meals per day and eat enough calories each day then you might not experience extreme hunger or feel super hungry all the time. Though that is a natural consequence of going from eating very little to suddenly eating often, then your body just wants more and more food.

In what language do you talk to A - English or Swedish? And in which to your family and friends? :)
I speak Swedish to both A and my family and friends but i usually throw in some english words to try to explain things at times as well, so its very swenglish :) In school it depends on what we are talking about, how we feel etc... i can easily change language in the middle of a sentence/conversation and not even notice i changed language.
  At times i even have to try to think... which language is it im speaking? haha

Izzy - how did you make up your training plan? I want to make my own and i want it to be effective. Any suggestions? Did you research anywhere in particular?
Well i just sort of do what i feel like during the workout... i go in with some sort of plan such as i know i want to train shoulders or legs and then because i have done so much research i know so many different exercises for each muscle group so then i just sort of choose which ones i want to do right then and i dont count reps or sets. 
   If you want your workout to be effective, well that depends on your goal.... Sometimes doing an intense 30 minute superset workout is more effective than a 90 minute, slower, heavy weights workout... but other times vice versa, depending on your goal.
I would suggest doing research, asking someone at your gym if you go to a gym. But also, dont just follow something you see online. Be wary and ask questions regarding workouts and training plans. Its like with all the different diets and things, you need to very aware and not just follow them because others are doing them.

Do some research, find what works for your body, make a plan depending on your goal i.e if you want to build muscle then doing an hour cardio everyday isnt going to help that, if you want to build a stronger upper body and all you do is squats and running then that isnt very effective for your goal etc 
My research and knowledge has grown over the years, ive tried different exercises, done research online and in books, learnt how my own body function and listened to knowledgeable people. With all things, its a process!!

Name 5 random facts about yourself. 
I absaloutly love snacking on nuts and raisins or carrots, kale, cucumber, paprika etc inbetween meals or while cooking food!

I always seem to have bruises and cuts on my legs... not so attractive during summer!!

I like having my hair down but it always gets in the way and is irritating so i often have it in a ponytail!

I used to walk on my toes when i younger i.e when i walked i didnt really put my heel down... haha, hard to explain but it looked like i was sort of bobbing up and down when i walked :)

I either check my phone far too often or not at all. So you either get a reply within 10 minutes or within 7 days, hahaha XD

What animal do you think you are like? 
Definitely a beagle :) A beagle is actually my power animal!!
   They are very active but also very lazy. They can understand their owner and the orders given but are good at going their own way and doing their own thing anyway. Stubborn (though im not so stubborn!), very social animals (though i wouldnt call myself social, hahah!)

Name 5 things you don't like.

Bad films with bad comedy (i.e those super cheesy films with comedy/jokes which arent funny or they are very stereotypical) example: Scary movie, American Pie etc (Its just too much for me)

Songs which are racist/sexist or songs where the text is just too much such as some rap or gangster songs where the text is just sexist and degrading.

People who are using their phone when you are having a conversation, or people who dont listen or just walk away during conversations. Hate it.... I mean there are times when you need to check your phone for some reason or other. But if i am talking with people and then need to check my phone or do something on my phone then i politely excuse myself (not just walk away) and then do whatever i need to do on my phone and then go back to talking... i dont just stand/sit there and begin texting. Its rude.

People who romantisize and glamorize or wish for eating disorders, depression, self harm etc.... Drives me crazy when depression is seen as something 'weird and quirky'. No... its a mental illness which needs help and the people who suffer from depression are living in a nightmare.  Which also brings me to.... people who make fun or joke about mental illnesses such as...  Ohh i have bipolar, or i am so sad - im depressed. Or things like... ohh you're only eating salad, are you anorexic? Drives me crazy those types of statements, mental illnesses are not something lightly talked about or something to joke about. 

I also dislike/hate when someone eats the food i had been planning to eat!!! That feeling when i come home from school/gym/somewhere and am hungry and looking forward to a certain food and then its gone :( Or when you ate the last bite of your food and you didnt realise it, or you are still hungry and want more (but cant for whatever reason, or say it was the last bite of your bar/chocolate and you dont have any more!!!)


  1. HELP Izzy,

    Refeeding syndrom !
    My ankels are so painfull and so swollen that they disapeard.
    Sames with calves and thighs...swollen...I just ballooned
    My eyes are also swollen and face is puffy

    I put legs up, massage them, cold water shower....nothing...

    Have any tips?
    What did you do and how long did it last if you experience this ?

    1. I never experienced refeeding syndrome so i dont really know what is best to do. But i would Google for what to do and ALSO go to the doctor, that is very important. Refeeding syndrome can be quite serious, so do get help.