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Friday, March 20, 2015

Answer - Online dating

For those of you who arent aware of this fact, i did infact mean A online.... -_-' I always feel a little embarrassed about this fact, but then i think about my mum and my step dad who also met online via an online dating site and now they have been happily married 1,5 years and its like they are still in the newly found love stage :) So its super cute.

Online dating doesnt have to be bad, i have several friends who have found their partner via online dating sites. I have always been a little skeptical about them because 1) Can you really trust someone you speak to online? You have no idea who they are, they could be lying about themselves and it might not even be their own picture. But also, alot of people online on dating sites might just be using them to hook up. And that was not my intention...

In all honesty, i had no intentions at all about using the site/app. I had tried it before but after 2 days deleted it because it felt so silly. But then i decided to give it a try again and A was the first one to begin talking to me, there were a few others i talked to as well which made it even more weird as i was like.... what do i do?
  But after a few days of talking we decided to meet up (me and A). I was super nervous and i had told my sister, where i would be and what time and that she could call me whenever just to make sure i was alive!! But i wasnt nervous in the sense that he would be a serial killer, we had sent pictures of each other so i knew that A looked the same as his profile picture. I choose a place in the middle of the city and we planned to go for coffee, as thats always a good thing to do on a sort of blind date. Because then you can sit and talk and if it's awkward then you quickly drink your drink, make an excuse why you have to go and thats that, hopefully.

Our first time meeting we spent 7 or 8 hours together first starting with coffee, then bowling and then dinner & an evening walk. After that first date i didnt have any concrete feelings, i didnt know what i felt in all honesty. It all felt a little weird. I mean how can you like someone you know so little about?

For some people on dating sites they talk for months, they have phone calls or skype calls before they meet, or they add each other on FB and such. But that wasnt the case for us, after like 3 days of talking we decided to meet (which yes, is a little risky maybe) but we decided why not? Why spend 2 months talking to someone only to find out that you arent compatible at all.

After another date or two my feelings grew and i enjoyed spending time with A, getting to know him and then we decided to make it official.

Online dating has grown alot over the past few years and actually, it has lead to alot of successful relationships! Alot of people meet their partner over internet and different sites now a days. However, it IS important to be cautious and safe while talking to someone online.

DONT give out too much information/private information in the beginning.
If you meet the person,  do it during the day and somewhere public & let a family or friend know where you are.
DO check up on the person if possible (i didnt actually do this, but it might be a good idea:))
DONT feel forced to do anything you dont want to do.
BE honest and dont just agree with the other person to try to make them like you
DONT just fall for appearance. Alot of online dating sites and apps are based on appearance, which is a bit egocentric, and it can make for false relationships if you just like someone because of their appearance. But the truth is that people do look at your appearance first, but then they fall in love with your personality. So it doesnt have to be a bad thing.

THIS article has some useful tips on what to think about while online dating :)

Below are two clips which i think are quite important and shows the difference in guys/girls when it comes to dating:

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