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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Winter wonderland

Today has been a pretty awful day..... tiredness and stress combined with cramps and hormones. Just not a good day at all. Though i sent in an assignment which had a deadline of 5pm today, so feels good that thats done! Thats always a relief :)

When i came home i made myself a snack and then lay in my bed and began watching a film, too tired to do anything. But then the chocolate cravings took over and i decided to go to the store for chocolate but by the time i actually got to the store i realised chocolate wasnt what i wanted and what i wanted was fresh fruit and berries... and waffles (ill see if i find the energy to make some!) so i bought lots of that which will be my evening food :)
   Then i decided to take Daisy for a walk.... its been forever since ive been out walking, and i do miss it lots. Though i havent found time for it... so even if it was only 10 minutes it was super nice and made me realise i need to make more of an effort to try to go for even a short walk more frequently :)

Below are some pictures from how it looks in Sweden right now. LOTS of snow and ice....
   Daisy loves the snow!! I threw a stone into this huge pile of snow wanting daisy to jump in, and when she did all i saw was her tail!!! But then i started laughing and ended up slipping on ice and falling into the same snow pile... hahah #Karma i guess?

(Sorry for the bad pictures... it was dark and they are taken on my mobile. But i just wanted to show how it looks anyway as i know many want to know more about Sweden :) )

^^She is so cute :)

Now im going to get some school work done as i am feeling more energized after my short walk!! :)
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day :) Feels like it cant be worse than today anyway!


  1. wow so much snow! I am jealous, there is none in London yet :(

    I just posted a new weekly food diary on my blog, and I would love to know your opinion on it :)