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Thursday, February 5, 2015

What i ate Wednesday

So i thought i would start this segment every week or two :) I'll see whether this becomes a negative or a positive thing on here. I know some people get too caught up in comparing what they eat to me, and others just think its a positive thing. So give me some feedback about whether it will be a good thing or not :)

  Egg white oatmeal topped with greek yoghurt, blueberries, salted cashewnuts. A boiled egg & coffee.

Lunch: Fish in a cream sauce & peas and sweet corn, cottage cheese & beans. & crisp bread with spread.

Snack: An apple, rawbite bar & coffee

Dinner: Grilled chicken with salad and bread.

Snack (infront of a movie): Popcorn

Snack (when i came home. Super duper hungry as you can see i hadnt eaten as much as usual during the day): 500g quark mixed with rice pudding & a few handfuls of salted cashewnuts (i.e like 200g or something XD)

So this was my food intake yesterday - Was in school all day and then was with A and ate dinner and watched a movie. When i do things during the day and such then i cant have my big afternoon snack which gives me lots of energy and the fuel i need... often means that i eat a big nightsnack as i feel extra hungry!! :)


  1. how can you maintain on that much food? i mean i know you are active and stuff but still... i am jelous ;)

    1. I don't think that calling it 'that much food' is really very helpful. I could be wrong but I don't think izzy eats each day with the aim of 'maintaining' as it were.

    2. Well i just eat what im craving and what my body wants... for me its not 'that much' as this is what my body needs :) Somedays more, somedays less! But everyone is different and needs a different amount :)

      And to the anonymous well yes, maintainng is my goal.. i mean im not trying to gain weight or lose weight and im not exactly focusing on building muscle either. Though i know that the energy i eat does go to my muscles to make them stronger and such... but we dont have a scale at home but i am guessing my weight is stable :)

  2. I love these types of posts! I made a food diary too this week if you wanna check it out

  3. I like getting an impression of one of your day's worth of food every now and then :)