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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Travelling when struggling with an eating disorder (&masterpost)

hi izzy,
do you like travelling? how do you manage your meal plan when you are on 
i have always loved travelling - but now, in recovery, my daily routine and 
meals cooked by myself make me feel safe and comfortable. when i think of 
travelling, it makes me feel uncomfortable because i won't have control 
about the ingredients, amounts and times of my meals.

ps: thanks for your blog, it's very helpful and motivating :)

Hello and thank you!
  To begin with i love travelling, it used to give me alot of anxiety for many different reasons but now i love it, even if i can get some home longing after a few days. But now its exciting to see new things, make new memories, take lots of photos and trying the new food is also a bonus!!!
  I am recovered and healthy so i dont follow a meal plan, i just listen to my body and eat what my body needs which is usually 6 meals per day. When i travel i eat very differently from how i do at home because i dont have as much access to food as well as it being different food and eating out for most meals. But i always pack with me bars such as questbars and big bags of nuts to have with me so that i can have those as snacks and then wherever we are staying i always buy even more snacks in the country that we are in so that i can get the right amount of energy i need.
When it comes to main meals i eat whatever i am served if we are staying at someones place and if we are staying in a hotel then we often eat lunch and dinner out in cafes or restaurants and then i order what it is i am craving/wanting right then.
  When you are on holiday you dont need to worry about eating out, most people do that 2-3 times per day while they are on holiday. Instead of worrying about it and worrying about the calories or portions etc think that its just normal food. Its energy which fuels your body and gives you energy to live.
When you are on holiday you dont have your routines or habits and you dont get to control food or eat the same thing or same time as when you are at home, but that is a good thing. It helps you move away from your control and obsession and learn to let others make food for you. TO make you realise its ok to eat different things at different times, you dont have to control food. 
   You dont need to restrict when you are on holiday, in general when you are on vacation you do quite alot during the days as well as maybe not eating so often as you would when you are at home. So i know that for alot of people in recovery they get scared thinking they will gain weight when they are on holiday and so eat less and then they come home and have lost weight even though they think they ate loads. For me when i go on holiday even though i try to eat as much as possible and always eat snacks i can end up losing weight because you dont get the same amount of energy into you because you might not be able to eat as soon as you are hungry.

With travelling it can make you uncomfortable but its good to step outside of your comfort zone. To face your fears and give up your control. Because you cant control your food and only eat food prepared by you for the rest of your life, that would be a very restricted life. Instead you need to push past those fears, maybe begin with taking a weekend away somewhere where you then eat out 2 times per day as well as packing with you or buying snacks to eat as those are important.

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  1. while i was in recovery i spent a few weeks in canada with my dad and it actually helped me to listen to my body's needs. it was a very nice experience full of challenges and it made me a stronger person :)