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Friday, February 13, 2015

Tips for when you lose your appetite

Losing your appetite is an annoying thing for most people. If you just love to eat and love the taste of food and suddenly you dont feel hungry at all and there is no food which you feel you want to eat, it gets tough. And then if you are trying to gain weight and need to eat lots and you have absaloutly no appetite for reasons like stress, change in hormones, anxiety etc then its also very tough as you know you have to eat alot but you feel like you physically can't manage it as your body isnt telling you it needs food, and the same goes for if you find it hard to maintain weight or know you lose weight easily. Then if you lose your appetite it makes it difficult.

But i thought i would write some tips on how to make sure you are getting enough even if you lose your appetite.
The best thing i suggest is to not drink lots of water or teas or coffee.... instead drink juice or milk throughout the day. If you just drink lots of water it will make you feel even more full and ill and then make it even harder to eat. So go for drinks with calories in them.

Also make smoothies or milkshakes.... this is a super way to get energy into you. Make smoothies or milkshakes using banana, dates, full fat milk, greek yoghurt, nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, oil, avocado etc Both delicious and good to give you energy.

Also making drinks like hot chocolate with ice cream/whipped cream/marshmallows is a good idea.

Eating avocados, bananas, dried fruit, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, salmon, chocolate etc is a good way to get energy into you without feeling overly full. Also eating nut butters right out of the jar can be a good idea :) Though it is very filling, so might not be the best idea as it can fill you up too much, but add a tbs or two into a smoothie/milkshake :)

Also when you are going through times where you have less appetite and eat less, then cut down on exercise and activity (if you are doing it)... 1) you wont have the same energy levels for exercise anyway 2) your body wont be getting the right energy or nutrients which isnt helpful for your body and 3) working out too much stresses your body alot and can also be the reason for lack in appetite. So try not to do so much, instead rest... i mean your body is already working hard for some reason and their is a reason you have lost your appetite, so stressing it with too much activity wont help you.

Try to make yourself eat regular times even if you dont feel hungry, its important to still give your bodyy energy. Even if you have a stomach virus or something, then still try to get something into you. I personally feel that when i have a stomach virus the only thing i can eat is bread with butter, its been that way all my life. So whenever i get a stomach bug and feel i can barely eat anything, then i slowly work my way through some warm bread with butter!

If it goes several weeks and your appetite hasnt come back, then go to a doctor as there might be a serious reason why. However if you feel that its just that you are very stressed or going through a very emotional time, then try to not stress so much and to cope with your emotions. This will make you feel better mentally and then also get your appetite back. But the most important thing is to keep giving your body energy, even if you dont feel hungry because if you decide to just not eat you will cause more bad consequences than good.


  1. Hey Izzy, just a question. You mentioned previously several times how you gained 'winter protection' So does that mean you'll be dieting that extra fat off when winter is over? Or are you just gonna let it sit? Don't take this the wrong way I'm just curious and you look great lol cheers

    1. hahah, yeah ive been so stressed and eating delicious and lots during winter so that i have gained some fat, but no im not planning on dieting for summer!! XD But i know that as the sun comes out and i do more then i dont eat as much but also when i am tanned i naturally looked more toned, hahaha XD My body changes alot during the different seasons though and as long as i am stressed my body will be holding onto water and fat and be bloating! :)

      And thank you :)

  2. Stress can really take people's appetite! It happens to me quite often so I eat what I crave but, try to eat food with lots of nutrients as well. What are those delicious chocolates in the second picture from the top (the white and brown ones)? I love snacks dipped in chocolate.