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Friday, February 27, 2015

The way to my heart is through coffee and chocolate

Good morning :)

Its Friday and it feels like today is going to be a wonderful day! Why? Well because im thinking positive and going to make today a good day!! Im eating breakfast now and soon im going to met my sister and we're going to do an aeroboxing workout, despite still being sore since Tuesdays aerobxing i am 110% excited anyway!! Then i have some packages to pick up, maths to do and then back to A's place to eat dinner and see what we decide to do for the rest of the evening!

Yesterday i sat from 11am until 5.30pm and varied from doing maths, research, writing on my project, writing posts, emails and other things i needed to do. I had a period during those hours where i just wanted to take a nap, my head wasnt ready to start studying again.... it knows im on my break!! But i had to force myself to study, though i did wrap myself in a blanket, make some tea and then sit in the sofa and do maths, that helped!!!

When A came home he came with gifts for me as he knew that i had been trying to study all day and that i was feeling tired.... he had bought me chocolate and energy drinks!!! That is like the sweetest thing you can do for me!! All my life I have said the way to my heart is through coffee and chocolate and A seems to have realised this, even though i havent said it!!

The perks of having a boyfriend, you can get him to buy you chocolate :) hahah 

I then made dinner and we ended the evening with a movie!!

This break is going to quickly, soon it will be Monday and then i will be back to school and i really dont know if im ready for that. I enjoy waking up at 8am, doing my own things during the day then spending the evenings with A!! Its a nice way to spend my day and know that i get all the things I want to do done. There is no stress or pressure!!
But thats life, school is part of life and i need to just continue enjoying these next 3 days and enjoying my break!!!

Now its time to get ready so i hope you all have a lovely day!!


  1. Replies
    1. hahahah, they're only good for cuddles and buying chocolate!!! XD
      They're (i mean A) is great :):) Life in a relationship is pretty good!!

  2. Yayyyyyy so happy for you!! :) :) That's so sweet of him, absolutely a keeper hahah ;)

  3. I'm just curious, why are you on break right now?? I have one in 2 weeks but that's spring break for us, or as I like to call it...winter break part 2!!!...yeah where I live where having the coldest February since the mid 1800s... negative 20 wind chill, single digits without wind, snow and oh yeah were in F so its actually around -30 C...yay me :p

    1. I'm from Norway and we have soo many breaks! It's almost too many in my opinion - winter break, easter break, a looong summer break, autumn break, christmas break! And yes, christmas break and winter break are two seperate breaks!! And all of them are 1-2 weeks exept summer break which is NINE WEEKS! My gosh, it feels good sometimes, but at the same time, it feels as if I'm interruptet after I've finally gotten into my rythm with school home work etc.

    2. Well its called 'sportlov' and alot of people travel away to warmer places or to go skiing!!
      I like having the breaks as school is so stressful so it's much needed. :) this term there are alot of breaks and days off due to different reasons but it's kind of nice as it's so stressful!!

  4. Haha-I'm in Boston and having the same crazy winter snow and cold. Keep thinking about running away to a warmer place. But today was positive-the sun stayed out a bit! I studied most of the day too, and also rewarded myself with chocolate. No boyfriend though, so maybe I'll have to work on finding a nice boyfriend who gets me chocolates and tea ;)

    1. Sounds like a good day!! I've read about the winter chaos over there, must be awful!!