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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Spending your whole day just waiting for your next meal

When your whole focus is on food and you spend all your time thinking about food, planning your next meal, watching the clock and waiting for your next meal. That is not a healthy thing... not if its an everyday thing.
  Of course it happens during the weekends when i do absaloutly nothing, then its like all i do is eat and look forward to my next meal time when im hungry again... or there is some boredom eating because i have nothing better to do. But when the only thing on your mind is food and its the only good thing or focus in your day/thoughts, then its not healthy thinking. It becomes obsessive and you need to break the food thoughts.

Recovery is about normalizing food, when food is no longer the focus in your life, but its PART of your life because you need to eat!! Your body needs food and energy, somedays you eat more, some days less. Somedays you get intense cravings and you cant stop yourself from just thinking about that craving, but then go eat that food and the cravings will be over. If you avoid your cravings you will keep thinking about it and it takes over your thoughts. Cravings are a sign that there is something in that food which your body needs, so thats why your body wants it.

So how to stop the food thoughts? Well doing something else with your time. Your day should not be spent counting down the minutes, looking at the clock all the time waiting for your next meal or constantly planning your next meal. Instead you need something to do with your time and thoughts. If you are an inpatient or recovering at home and not allowed to do so much, then its easy that your thoughts wander but try to find something creative to do then like:

Doing puzzles
Colouring books
Creating crafts
Word searches
Watching Youtube tutorials
Create jewellery
Play online games
Download phone apps

For me when i spend weekends doing nothing and just at home and have a tendency to boredom eat then i do something productive that distracts me. Cleaning, writing down goals, writing, planning, writing to do lists, studying, sorting things in my room. And when i have lots of time over then i like making collages and things :) 
   Otherwise things like painting your nails, doing face masks, nail tutorials etc are good ways to distract yourself or even hair tutorials if you enjoy those types of things!! Be creative, find ways to distract your thoughts.
  Call a friend or family member, if you are allowed schedule to meet someone or do something!!! (And if you are away for many hours then make sure to still eat, just because you are distracting yourself from constnatly thinking about food doesnt mean you dont eat. It just means that you do other things inbetween your meals than just sit and think about food).

Constant food thoughts, food planning and food obsession isnt healthy and you need to focus on other things in your life and change those obsesssive thoughts!! Food should not be your main focus in life!!! Food is energy which your body needs, but there is more to life than food :)


  1. i constantly think about food becouse I love it. A LOT (/.\) hahaha

    1. haha, its fine to love food but constantly thinking about it, even if you love it isnt great. Its too much focus on food and can lead to food obsessions, you should have other things on your mind. Food is part of your life, not your whole life :)

  2. If you have to distract youtself from eating, you must be thinking quite a lot on food yourself? Or? You shoulnd't have to constantly do things to distract yourself from eating, then I think there is still a problem :)

    1. i think Izzy was just writing this to help us :) <3

    2. Yeah i was writing ways to distract yourself if you just think about food all the time, because like i wrote in the post... thats not healthy. I dont think about food all the time or plan meals etc, i am pretty sure i mentioned that in the post :) I can boredom eat at times but that isnt because i think about food its more because i have nothing better to do.