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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Self love Sunday

Recently i havent been feeling super body happy or body confident. The thoughts of preferring to not look in the mirror because you dont feel super happy have been present recently. Not so fun at all when you dont feel happy in the way you look or even in the way you feel and its like nothing fits your properly and you just feel uncomfortable.
  But ive been trying to change these thoughts and feelings, even if they have lasted a little longer than usual its just to try to change them. Make yourself realise that you dont need to change and that even if you do change or want to change, it takes a while for that to happen, so its better to just be happy and confident!!!

So i decided that this Sunday i would do a little self-love Sunday where i focus on the good things and things i like about myself to try to make myself feel better and more confident about my body. (Though this post was written Friday afternoon!! haha, but same thing really, its just that i focused on changing my thoughts a little earlier :))

So what things do i like about myself?

1) My body is strong
2) My body is healthy
3) I have energy
4) My arms dont look like sticks anymore
5) My legs can carry me far and fast when running
6) My hair is super long now!!
7) My skin is pretty clear compared to previous times!
8) My body has enough fat to keep me warm so that i dont freeze these winter months :)

Just some body positive things!! Its important to find things you like about yourself and not focus on the negatives :) So i suggest YOU also do this and if you want, comment below the things you like about yourself!!


  1. things i like about myself

    1 my hairstyle (short brown hair with bangs)
    2 my skin is,as yours, also clearer than before
    3 my necks and houlders
    4 my nails
    5 my legs

  2. I think this is a great way to feel more confident in your body! And really, you shouldnt feel insecure about anything. I know its easier said than done, but really :) This is also a way for me to feel a little bit more confident in my own skin :)
    1) I have long brown hair and I love it!<3
    2) I can walk fast and I have boticed how bow I can run much faster
    3) I have a healthy body that functions properly
    4) Sometimes I think my legs look good
    5) I love my hands and feet
    6) I enjoy having relativeky full eyebrows :)
    Hope you have a very nice day!

  3. I too have been feeling down recently about my body etc, so here it goes! I like:
    1. My freckles (even though for years I hated them!)
    2. My blue eyes
    3. My hands and my feet
    4. My boobs!
    5. My nose
    6. The fact my body is getting stronger by the day
    7. The fact I am warmer!
    8. The fact that I have more energy to do things
    9. My height
    10. That every day I appreciate my body a little bit more!