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Monday, February 9, 2015

Restlessness and feeling like you have to exercise

I have something I wanted to ask if you Izzy or someone else have experience about.
I have almost constant feelings in my body that I need to and have to workout. I mean it´s a physical feeling and urge in the muscle that it needs to be worked out right now. Foe example I get an over powering need to do ab exercises, so I do them. And next the feeling comes to my gluteus so I squat and this goes on. In the end I think I do 400 sit ups, hundreds of squats and push ups and so on every day.
Do you have any advice how to get rid of those feelings?

What you are describing sounds alot like restlessness but also your mind tricking you. Restlessness can come from alot of things.... for me personally if i am sitting in a really boring lesson and i feel i have better things i could be doing then i can feel this inner stress rising within me and i get really restless and begin fidgeting and shaking my leg and this need to get up and walk out the door can almost become overpowering. Or say for example when you sit in a car or plane for 6 hours then you might feel how your muscles go numb and your body tells your legs to go up and move around, but then you dont then the restlessness gets worse over time. But all i need to do then is to stand up, shake my legs and then its gone.

Restlessness can come from anxiety, or other feelings inside of you... stress, guilt etc or it could be that you have excess energy. I dont know what stage in recovery you are - if you are in recovery at all. But if you are a healthy weight and allowed to exercise then you can try to do some workout a few days a week... something where you get to use alot of energy so that you dont have the excess energy which can cause restlessness and you feel you need to exercise. If that doesnt help, then it is most likely something like anxiety or stress - but you should focus on those things anyway... ask yourself, what is triggering you to feel this way? I would suggest that when you get those ovewhelming feelings of doing squats or pushups etc instead sit down and write down your thoughts, how you are feeling, why you feel you need to exercise... can you do something instead? Take a deep breath and try to meditate. You can always try walking meditation, i think there is some form where you walk around in a circle and focus on your breathe and your thoughts, trying to not think just let your mind be at peace. So i would highly recommend some form of meditation for your feelings of restlessness but also if it is some underlying issue.  
   For me personally i get restless because i have excess energy i feel i need to get rid of and because i am quite an active person, but all it takes for me to get rid of that excess energy is to just stand up take a few steps and then lie back down again and im fine, some evenings stretching works well but i find that if i workout and use lots of energy then, then i dont have as much excess energy left for the rest of the day. But also by sitting and focusing on school work or emails or blogging, then all my focus goes to that and i dont feel restless at all. Restlessness can also come from boredom.

Anyway, i thought i would post some information i found from HERE which might help you if you are in this situation.

Restlessness is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. It's the feeling of being unable to sit still, or feeling as though you're on edge and something is about to or needs to happen. My anxiety test will help you learn more about restlessness and other symptoms.
There are a lot of symptoms of anxiety that are complex, caused by issues that are difficult to explain. Restlessness is not one of those symptoms. The cause of restlessness is very clear: a constant surge of adrenaline as a response to the fight or flight system.
The problem is that when you have anxiety, your fight or flight system is activated and nothing is happening. You're not running away. You're not fighting. So all of that adrenaline is flooding into your system and your body doesn't do anything to use it up.
That's what causes the feeling of restlessness that affects so many people with anxiety. Your body is getting all of this adrenaline plugged into it and then it sits there, causing your mind and body to experience the surge of energy without any of the reactions. Hormones like adrenaline have a powerful effect not only one your body, but also on the way you think.

Other Causes of Restlessness

Adrenaline isn't necessarily the only cause of restlessness. Restlessness may also be caused by a feeling that something is wrong in general. You may feel like you need to make changes to your life or that someone may be in danger, and this can cause a type of mental restlessness that keeps you wondering if you need to move.
But even in the cases of these other anxiety symptoms, it's still usually adrenaline that causes the feeling of restlessness. Adrenaline is the natural reaction to anything that causes fear or discomfort.

How to Treat Constant Restlessness

You'll never run out of adrenaline, and if you still have anxiety you're always going to have that feeling of restlessness that you cannot seem to shake.
But in the short term when you feel anxious there are strategies you can use to cut down on the amount of restlessness that you feel, and the solution is fairly easy – move.
The quickest way to relieve some of that adrenaline is to get moving and burn it away. Go for a run. Do some jumping jacks. You shouldn't "flee" from your anxiety (it's a bad habit to feel like you're running away from your problems), but it will burn up the excess adrenaline.
Other than that, the key is simply to learn how to control your anxiety better and calm down faster. Deep breathing exercises can be useful, as can relaxation strategies like:
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Yet in general, the goal is going to be to learn how to fully prevent your anxiety from coming back. Only then can you ensure that your anxiety will stay away forever.


  1. Hi Izzy!
    Thank you for answering and for all the info.
    My situation is that I´m about 4-5 kilos underweight and in recovery. I exercise regularly 5-6 times a week gym and running. And in addition to this I relieve my anxiety by exercising at home :(

    1. You are doing alot of exercise for still being quite underweight.... and having to do all that extra exercise is not good and a sign of an exercise addiction. As you do workout regularly then it shouldn't be excess energy or adrenaline... and instead maybe feels of guilt and anxiety which you need to work on.... not just do exercise. But talk or write about your problems and try to solve the underlying problem.... but also ask yourself why you do the exercise? How does it help.... does it actually help your problem? You need to face the fear and not do all those crunches or sit ups, you don't need to do them.