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Friday, February 20, 2015

People are obsessed with what others are eating and doing

Something which i find is that alot of people on social media are obsessed with what others are eating.... They want to know grams, weight, calories, macros... what they eat in a whole day, how many calories, how many hours they workout each day etc etc
   But you have to ask yourself WHY do you care? What does it matter what someone else does? You are not them. And they are not you. Everyone is different, needs different energy amounts. Some people can workout 6 days a week and still have energy and time to live life  and doesnt get burnt out, whilst for others working out 3 or 4 times a week is what suits them. One person isnt necessarily healthier than the other.
  Some people like 7 small meals a day, other people like 4 big meals a day and other people (Like me) like 6 big meals a day!! haha. Getting tips and advice from other people can be great, to know whether you need to eat more, or whether it seems like you need more of a certain macronutrient etc but also be wary of who you ask for help. Answers can be very different because people have different opinions.

Many people feel they want answers... they want someone to tell them what to do and how to eat. They want guidelines and rules, thats how people are. But know that asking just a random person about what YOU should be eating doesnt really work that way. Not unless they are qualified and you have paid them, but even then they can get it wrong. Food and eating is very individual... about what suits YOU and your needs. Not just copying someone else.

It's insecurity and thinking that other people are doing it right, so you should do the same that make you want to know what others are eating, but also comparison. You want to know whether you should eat more or less, or you want to look like someone else so you think you should eat like them. But thats not how it works either.

Instead of caring what others are eating or doing, focus on YOU. What your body needs. Stoping focusing on others, so what if they eat a little bit of salad and chicken, you still eat your cooked meal or sandwich. Who cares if they dont eat an afternoon snack, you still need yours. And if someone triggers you and you cant stop comparing your meals or yourself to them, then get rid of them from your life!!

So if any of you compare your meals to mine (in a negative way) or try to eat like me or something like that, DONT!!  Find what you like and what your body needs!!


  1. This is probably not a fitting question in your blog, but I'm just losing it. If you go to a place as silent as possible (ears covered/plugged), do you hear anything? I'm not sure if I'm exaggerating my tinnitus or not. The seniors of my high school had such loud party there that my ears have been in trouble for a week now. Have you got any similar experience of tinnitus? It freaks me out more than anything to think that it might be permanent.

    1. I'm not sure again if I should've asked this. I just need some realistic description of human ears.

    2. Dont worry, you can ask whatever here (mostly!! XD) :)
      If im in a silent place and there is no noise then i dont hear anything. I am sorry about you having tinnitus... one of my friends has that and she says at times its so bad she pukes as it doesnt go away. She often makes alot of noise and sings and such because the tinnitus can be so annoying. But i would recommend you go to a doctor, im not sure if they can do anythign for it or not. But ive had it before for a day or two after a concert and its pretty awful, but i think listening to music and such can help. :)

  2. Do you use twitter?

    1. No.. i dont really know what i would write!! :)haha

  3. Izzy - this is a really good post. I suppose now that i am weight restored but still recovering im just trying to find my way & maybe thats why i compare myself/my habits to others - im trying to find whats normal. I remember when i was a very low weight i was always asking my boyfriend what female friends of his ate/did they go to the gym etc. I understand that wont work the same for me as everyone is different but i suppose i was just trying to find some sort of "normal" marker for what normal food behaviour was.

    Your post is excellent on the topic. we need to trust ourselves.

    1. Thank you :) And that is very understandable, people feel they want some guidelines, to be told how and what to eat, they want to know whats normal. But its different for everyone, so taking some tips from others is fine, but copying someone elses eating wont help you. Instead trusting yourself is the best thing!! :)

  4. What did you do to your eggs?? They look like cheese with holes in it :P

    1. Hahah, just fried them :) They look a little strange though!