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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

NEDA week

This week it is National Eating disorder awareness week. I have been aware of this fact, however i just haven't known what to write....
   My recovery, my past, my thoughts, my recovery thoughts.... all written down in posts and have been repeated over and over again, not only by me but by journalists as well. My story being shared around the world. I am glad i can help others, i am glad that i can share what i have been through to help inspire others, to show that recovery is possible. That you dont have to live a life with those awful thoughts in your head, with the constant anxiety, the fear and the controlling voice in your head. Though to overcome those things and live a free life then choosing recovery everyday is the choice you have to make. You have to WANT to recover, you have to keep going even when you are knocked down or you dont want to keep going, its exactly then you need to know your goal of health and recovery and keep fighting.

If i could, i wish i could just snap my fingers and then no one would ever suffer from an eating disorder ever again. Because i would call it a form of hell. Because on the outside you can look so normal, but on the inside there is anxiety, guilt, controlling thoughts, obsessiveness, sadness, fear, depression. Yet those are not seen by others. Eating disorders are not a fashion statement, they are not a way to seek attention and they are not a phase of a lifestyle. They are mental illnesses which require help to recover. It requires YOU to seek help, to accept the help you are given or to find help somewhere else if the first, second, third etc option/alternative wasnt helping.

Recovery is tough, but it is DEFINITELY worth it if you truly recover. And its not impossible to recover, others have done it. Dont think that you are a hopeless case, because you arent. Its just that you have to find the strength, motivation and determination to choose recovery each day!!!

For NED awareness week i would like for YOU (My readers) to Share YOUR advice/tips/what helps YOU for recovery. Whether you want to share your story, something you have learnt, or just a one word sentence like... ' When i have anxiety it helps to sit in my room with music' or if you want to share some motivational inspiration and advice etc
   It would be very helpful for others!!!! (So you can email me at: ) And i will of course publish whatever you write anonymously if thats what you want :)

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  1. What helps is being with others and keeping busy, (although not to tire yourself) such as voluntary/ charitable work/ activities and hobbies. Being out in the fresh air and focusing your mind on other tasks, takes your mind off food and your body.

    Listening to 'happy' music is also something that helps me and mainly just doing things that make others happy and in turn me happy!

    Having goals/ targets and endeavouring to really stick to them and staying focused is important. If you want to recover...then that is the first step. :)

    Your blog & story Izzy is very inspirational and gives me strength Xx

  2. I agree with all of the above, and in fact, they were what I was going to say in the first place! Being around others, even if it's just sitting and talking helps, as even if you feel miserable, anxiety ridden etc, others are there. Also getting some fresh air from a walk helps SO much, even if you don't feel like it. But most importantly, music has helped me xxx

  3. I can relate, sometimes you just wish you could snap your fingers or shake out the thoughts and each person would be healthy mentally and physically. Unfortunately thats not possible...
    I think when advice comes from someone who has experienced similar things people have more trust in them. You sharing your experience and knowledge is super helpful to anyone searching for answers and support!!
    I think this is a very good idea and I wrote a post on my blog for this idea :)
    Hope its ok if I leave the link below!!

  4. I have written seven blog posts this week about awareness for this event! I love getting the word out to others. (this is today's post)