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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My workout clothes

I was asked a little while ago about my workout clothes and shoes so i thought i would show you them... though the picture of all my sports clothes is from the start of 2014... so yeah, a few more items have been added :):) And i will write about my running/gym shoes once i get a chance :)

Most of my Nike clothes come from New York (cant remember the name of the store)... but some of the Nike clothes ive bought in swedish stores either XXL or Stadium.
   I am a size S in most of my workout clothes.

My blue sports jacket (which is seen in most pictures when im out walking) is from Primark/Pennys which i bought 1,5 years ago :) Its super comfortable and fits well!!!

The rest of my sports clothes are from H&M. They are the cheapest sports clothes with stillg ood quality which ive found here in Sweden. Infact, some of the sports clothes ive bought from H&M are ALOT better than my Nikes. Infact one thing you should know is that Nike clothing shrinks alot in the wash... it of course doesnt help that im growing/becoming bigger as well ;);) Hahah... so my sports bras are shrinking as well as my back is becoming bigger, doesnt make for a good Combo.
  My workout clothes from H&M are still in good quality and fit perfectly even if ive had them almost 2 years :)

So sometimes the most expensive isnt always the best!

I mainly have sports shorts and Nike pros are my favourite and then i have 2 pairs of long running pants & Loads of sports bras (mostly Nike!) and lots of different workout tops. I prefer loose workout tops rather than tight ones.. though as i sweat so much wearing cotton isnt always a good idea.
  I can Highly reccommend Nikes dry fit tops, They are really good and worth the money :)

In my opinion i reccommend H&M sports bras (though maybe not the best support. If you need more support for your boobs, then Nike sports bras arent reccommended). But i think Nike Pro shorts are great (though they give you a super flat abum ;);) Theres no lift!) and Nike's dry fit tops are great as well!!

I can also highly recommend Lorna Jane sports clothes... they are expensive but they sit great and look great. However they arent so dry fit and if you do something where you sweat alot, there will be sweat marks!!!
^^from the beginning of 2014


  1. I love the pictures of 'normal wardrobe vs gym clothes'! I am heavier chested and so sports bras with no underwire don't work for me. Some of the ones targeted towards heavier chests are Moving Comfort, Enell, and Victoria Secret Knockout (my favorite). I will definitely check out H & M for workout clothes....thanks for the recommendation.

    1. Hahah, its an accurate representation of my wardrobe :)

  2. I have loved to go jogging (in between busy daily life!) for many years, and recently decided to get some clothes for this...

    my sports bra is so useful and wearing it with leggings & sports top just makes going for a run that much better and more comfortable!

    Great post :) x

    1. Sports clothes are the best!!! Could wear them 99% of the time :) Im glad you liked the post, thank you for the feedback!!

  3. I got a few random questions fot you :)
    Do you buy lottery tickets? Do you dream about winning the lottery?