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Sunday, February 15, 2015

My valentines day

Hello :)
  I want to start off by saying that its super fun that so many of you have emailed me and written about your Valentines day and how it went well for you with overcoming fears and making progress etc :) That is super fun to hear about!!! :) Dont ever be afraid about commenting or emailing me with your progress :) Sometimes you just feel the need to share these small progressses which normal people wouldnt even notice or think is progress, but you should be proud of yourself whether its because you took a bite of chocolate or because you ate a food without counting calories or any other progress!! Small progress is still progress :)

Onto my valentines day, it was my first year actually celebrating valentines day and it was really nice.
   It started off with a late breakfast at my place and then we drove to a shopping centre as we had planned on playing bowling but all the lanes were full booked so instead we wandered around the shopping centre and then ate some lunch at a cafe before we drove back to A's place and then started getting ready to go out to dinner.
   He had booked a table at this super fancy restaurant, infact i was almost a little shocked not to mention that it was extremely expensive!! -_-' i almost felt bad because it was so fancy and expensive, haha. But we ordered a 3 course meal and i began with smoked salmon with these different sauces, then for main i had cod with a creamy risotto followed by creme brulee for dessert!! It was all super delicious and tasted amazing!!!
   After dinner, as it was still early we decided to book a lane to go bowling and as we had 90 minutes to wait until we got a lane we first went for an adventure drive where he just drove around and then we went for a walk before we headed to the bowling arena where he wanted revenge after the first date where i won at bowling!!! And he got his revenge as he won all 3 games!!! XD hahaha. Beginners luck with the first date i guess :)

^^I am addicted to selfies, dont judge me..... (im sorry :( )

Then we headed back to his place where we watched Big Hero 6 (super cute film, haha) before we went to bed!!!

All in all, a really nice day :) Spontaneous and just doing a bunch of different things which is nice!!! Though both of us agree that valentines is a little silly and that really, you can go out to eat and show your love and such any fay of the year, why have just one day dedicated to that. In all honesty valentines day is pretty much just single awareness day  XD XD

Anyway, i thought i would just update... as you have realised my 'im not going to post so much this weekend - didnt really work!!!' XD Thats what happens when you are a blogger :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend :)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!! This really made me smile :)

  2. Awww, that sounds so cute! So glad that you enjoyed your first "coupled up" Valentine's Day :D

    1. Thank you! !! I had a really nice time :).I hope you had a nice valentines :)