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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Morning run

Starting off my Sunday with cuddles and kisses followed by a morning run is just about the best thing i know! It is super sunny today and it feels like spring is on its way! Every muscle in my body was calling out to go out for a long run.  To be out in the sunshine and soak up some D vitamin and move my body.
   For the whole hour i ran i was just smiling, it was so beautiful and sunny and wasnt so cold at all. I wanted to run further, just keep running but the road ended so then i had to turn around and run back again!! XD
Many people comment that i am a fast runner, i dont personally feel like i am so fast... infact i feel a bit like this:

Hahahha. But running is something i have done in phases since 2012, so 3 years and also doing HIIT helps improve speed and stamina as well as endurance. Running goes in phases for me... at the moment i wish i had time to run several days a week, because then i definitely would. But other times it can go a whole month where i barely run or do HIIT because i just dont feel like it.... but running is something i believe that as long as you do it somewhat regularly then you wont really lose so much stamina or such. But enough rest as well as fuel is important if you want to see results as well as pushing yourself during some runs!!!
   But i absaloutly love running, so its not a pain to take myself out and run. Its a form of freedom and feels so great, both before, during and after!! Hahaha XD

Running isnt for everyone, remember this. If you dont enjoy running, then dont do it. There are other forms of exercise!! Just because one person or 1000 people enjoy running doesnt mean you have to like or do it as well!!

So beautiful!!! Makes it even more fun to run when its a beautiful scenery :)

Now its time to write on my philosophy essay and later i think we're going for a walk in the sunshine or something :)


  1. Your weekend looks/sounds fun-just as it should for you!!!! Today I cut my run a little short due to a change in plans and although I freaked out a bit, I keep telling myself it is FINE! In fact, it was a course that I consider to be a medium long run anyway so on some days I am Thrilled to do this distance!

    Have a great week!!!

    1. Thank you :) it was a lovely weekend!! Things don't always go as planned,it happens to me where I have to skip a run or walk because something else comes up or times I have no energy so end my workout after 20 minutes or something.... that's just life!! Nothing to panic about :)

  2. I agree with you about morning runs, it´s such a super feeling while running and after :D
    Do you plan to run any races?
    Hope the rest of your sunday was nice and have a great week Izzy!


    1. Yes it is so nice!!! :) I've answered about races in a post :)
      I hope you have a nice week!!