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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Morning run

Good morning all my lovely readers :)
I thought i would write a little update about yesterday - where i got to meet A's parents. What can I say? They were really sweet and nice... though hard to know whether they liked me or not, they were very welcoming about me coming back to visit and such, though i got the feeling that his dad didnt think i was right for him? Though who knows that could just be over analyzing mind? hahaha.... i guess i will just wait and see whether A says something, haha!!

During dinner there was alot of talk about calories, weightloss etc i didnt get triggered but i thought it was a bit silly... i mean why do people talk about calories and weightloss during dinner? And talk about how they have to burn off the calories tomorrow? I just sat there squeeming, especially when they said things like... ohh if you go to the gym then its fine to eat a pizza afterwards. And sure, if thats what you want to... but thats not really how it works. I mean a pizza every now and again is fine but you shouldnt have to feel that you have to work out to eat it? Though teaching people healthy ways of weightloss and a healthy relationship with food and balance and moderation is what i want to work with... so that i can change those types of thoughts and such within people. I mean if someone needs to lose weight they can still do it in a healthy way. But this got kind of off topic... i just felt i had to write it out :)
After dinner and dessert we drove back to A's place where we watched some Youtube clips before going to bed!

This morning we woke up at 8am and after a morning coffee i started getting ready for a morning run and it would be an adventure run as i havent been around the area where he lives so i was super excited. The best thing i know is adventure runs :) You just run and run and see new things and let your legs carry your forward! Its such a freedom and i have to say, my heart skipped a beat when i saw the beautiful view! So beautiful and it wasnt so slippery, though there came a stage where there was so much snow that i was worried i would end up breaking my ankle from falling over or placing my foot wrong.

    After a little more than an hour i was back to the apartment again and got ready and ate breakfast with A!!! :)

We dont have any solid plans today, we are just going to take the day as it comes... either pancakes and movie watching or we will go into town and wonder around, eat some lunch and maybe play pool or something. But first off i have some studying to do :)
And then this evening A is going to meet my parents... and i am SUPER nervous about this. What my parents will say or do, hahha XD I am more nervous about this, but i think it will go well... or i hope so anyway :)

But i guess i will update later or tomorrow about how it went :) So i hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. You most likely speak Swedish with him(?)
    ... I didn't have anything else for now. It does feels nice to hear from these moments through your blog.

    1. Yeah I do, hahha :) and sometimes some English words creep into the conversation! And thank you, I'm glad you enjoy reading them!

  2. Hi!
    I´m sure they loved you :)
    And I agree with you it´s surprising how much people talk about food and how they should´t eat this and that.
    Running somewhere new is so refreshing and running itself it´s just so meditative ;)
    I just run almost 11k this mid morning :D And loved it!

    Have a great weekend!


    1. Yes its very strange!! Wow well done, yiur running is going great now :) do you have any goals with yiur running... like any race you want to participate in? :) races/runs are super fun and you usually run faster than normal because of all the adrenaline! Hope you had a nice weekend!

    2. Thank you, I had a good weekend :) Met friends and then studied for school.
      Yes I love how my stamina is improving :) I´m too scared to enter races. I know I would be just too nervous to be able to run a race :D But one of my goals is to be able one day to run from my apartment to my parent´s house, that´s a total of 17km. We´ll see;)
      What kind of goals do you have?

  3. The area looks so beautiful! I love when is sunny out and there's snow on the ground! I'm going to make pancakes today too, but put sliced strawberries and chocolate chips in them while they're in the pan. Then maybe tea and yogurt. side question-I know you drink a lot of coffee, but do you ever do herbal tea? There are a lot of good roibos Chai teas and lemon ginger tea, chamomile tea etc. I found a strawberry chocolate roibos tea that I love. Perfect with a bit of cream and sugar.

    1. Yes it was so beutiful there!! I love drinking tea and drink lots of it as well.... Black tea, green tea, chai tea, lemon tea etc :)

  4. Hi Izzy! I love your blog, you give me so much hope and its so inspiring to see such a young girl be so strong. I am 30 and am recovering from Anorexia and i live in Ireland!

    I was wondering would you ever post about the workout/fitness clothes and shoes you use?

    Take care.

    1. Thank you so much! ! I'm going to make a post about this :)

  5. Adventure runs are the best!!<3 And Im sure everything will go alright :)

    1. Yes they definitely are :) are you still running? How is going with that? :)

  6. Which running shoes are you wearing this winter? Are they waterproof?

    1. I'm planning on making a post about this :)