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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Learn to love your body

Budda has an incredible quote “Your body is precious, it’s our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care” I think lots of people tend to forget this, we only have one body, it’s a strong, beautiful and incredible body, regardless of your size! 

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So why is loving your body so important in your life? 
  • When you have a negative body image it tends to take over, in my own journey I have found it really hard to enjoy my life when all I have in my head is stressing about the imperfections of my body, so every lump and bump is exposed, or worried that people are talking about me. 
So when is the best time to start loving your body?
  • Now is the perfect time to start loving your body, there is no time like the present to love yourself!
So right now you’re probably thinking, I have no idea where to start with loving my body. 
Treat your body as your friend. 
  • This might sound silly, however, the way we speak about our bodies is in a way that you would never talk about to any one else’s so when you feel like you’re about to have a moment where you’re less kind to your body, say to yourself, my body is my friend, my body is temple. You night not believe it straight away, but with time, you will do. 
Your body is the body of your dreams.
  • Sometimes it’s so easy to look at your body as parts so you say things like you hate your nose or you hate your arms, but you like your smile. Instead of thinking of your body as a bunch of parts put together, think of yourself as a complete package so be grateful for your entire body not it’s parts. You can say something like, thank you for always being strong through good times and bad. 
Treat your body. 
  • Do something special for you, so maybe get a massage, have a bubble bath, have a movie night, do something for you to relax. Treat your body the way it should be treated like, the temple that it is! 
Remember that fat isn’t a feeling. 
  • Sadness, happiness, angry, pain and joy these are all emotions, however fat is not a feeling. If you sometimes say you feel fat today turn it around and say what emotion am I actually feeling. When we say we feel fat it can sometimes be from insecurity, anger, sadness, or even disappointment or any other negative emotion. 
  • Instead of being negative about your body be honest about how you’re feeling and the emotions you’re feeling. 
Stop worrying about the number on the label. 
  • When you buy clothes and you look at the size on the label, buy what fits you not what you have to fight to get into, it doesn’t matter if you’re a size 10, a size 16 or a size 24. 
  • The number on the clothes doesn’t determine how beautiful, sexy, incredible, happy and perfect you are, buy what fits you, not what you have to be unhealthy to get into.
Talk to your body in the morning. 
  • Look at yourself in the mirror in the morning, look at yourself from head to toe, look at the incredible body you have, look at that beautiful tummy, and that beautiful smile. 
Don’t let your weight or shape stop you from doing your everyday activities.
  • It doesn’t matter what your size or your body shape, do not let people around you dictate what you can and cannot do. You’re such an amazing person and you can do whatever you want!
Try to stop comparing your body to everyone else.
  • People’s perceptions of bodies are a lot of the time influenced when we compare our bodies to others. When you find yourself making a comparison, stop, look at your body and be thankful for everything it does, it keeps you going throughout the day, it helps you see the beauty of a sunset, it helps you to get up in the morning, and it deserves a huge thank you for everything it does. 
Try to resist unrealistic expectations. 
  • Instead of looking in a magazine, to find the perfect body or if you find yourself getting down because your body isn’t like pictures in a magazine, remember that every body in this word is different and unique, everyone has imperfects but that doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful. Imperfections are what make us perfect. 
Start every day with a compliment. 
  • Something that is so simple can change your entire day! Something like good morning world, good morning to my incredible smile, this is going to be a positive start to my day!
Compliment someone else.
  • Everyone has had at some point in their life some insecurities, so make someone else feel body positive, it can brighten someone’s day! 
Learn to appreciate your body for everything that it does. 
  • Sometimes we focus too much on things like how well our jeans will fit or what our stomach looks like when we go out. Instead of feeling the pressure for body perfection focus on w hat your body can do, so things like how strong you are, how good you are at something, what it does, or how quickly you can run, or how much you’ve been through and you’re still standing. These are things that you should be focusing on. 
Say goodbye to the scales.
  • I have found that in my own personal journey (others might have a different opinion) but I tend to become obsessed with the number on a scale, remember you’re not defined by a number, the number on a scale, your clothes, it doesn’t measure your beauty or the incredible person that you are. 
Accept that your body will go through changes. 
  • This has been one of my most difficult things, because what you need to remember is every day your body is changing, you’re becoming stronger, healthier, happier, but it’s tough to accept that but it means you’re moving forward and learning. 
Don’t judge a person by their looks. 
  • Even if you don’t mean to judge someone like that just remember that you should treat people the way you would want to be treated, so don’t judge someone, give them a chance, their looks don’t define them, they’re beautiful inside and out. 
Remember that the mirror only reflects your exterior. 
  • When you feel low and looking in the mirror is tough remember that it only shows you the exterior of yourself, look deep into your eyes, you will see the beautiful person you are, you will see the depths of your heart and soul and the reason you’re here. 
It’s okay to have down moments. 
  • Having body positivity doesn’t always mean you’re going to love your body you will have days where will be down days, but in those moments you say to yourself I am beautiful, and my body deserves to be treated like royalty. Tomorrow is a new day and I love my body. 
Surround yourself with positive people. 
  • This is easier said than done, however true friends will lift you up when you feel low, they won’t criticise you, they will make sure that you see yourself the way they do, you’re beautiful.
Remember that your life won’t be different if your body is different. 
  • Everyone who loves you, loves for the incredible person that you are, not how much you weigh. The people around you will want you to be happy but healthy. 
Your body is incredible, love it, treat it well, have a good relationship with it, this is the only body you get, treat it with respect.


  1. this is so helpful <3 thank you so much

    i would say that if you are sick than 'fat' actually is a feeling, but when you are healthy then its insecurity ( that might be wrong but its how i see it)

    1. Well... fat isn't really a feeling? There is something else behind the feeling. There is usually guilt, anxiety, tiredness, self consciousness etc.... but it does feel like a feeling, but it's not really.... its just that you project your feelings onto yiur body. But of course, everyone opinions and thoughts /emotions are valid :)

  2. I have something I wanted to ask if you Izzy or someone else have experience about.
    I have almost constant feelings in my body that I need to and have to workout. I mean it´s a physical feeling and urge in the muscle that it needs to be worked out right now. Foe example I get an over powering need to do ab exercises, so I do them. And next the feeling comes to my gluteus so I squat and this goes on. In the end I think I do 400 sit ups, hundreds of squats and push ups and so on every day.
    Do you have any advice how to get rid of those feelings?