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My life at the moment is completely different to how it once was. I spent 5 years sick with anorexia nervosia and depression as well as struggling with self harm and overexercising. I spent 2 years in different treatment centres.
And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Lack of creativity and spending my weekend away

Happy Valentines day everyone :)
    I know February the 14th really isnt that big of a day and many people dont celebrate it... or its a bit of a love/hate day. Personally i dont have much opinion of it.... I have spent it single my whole life... though when i was 12 i once got a song requested for me as well as some flowers in school from 2 different guys!! Haha 
   But its never been anything special to me and this year is no different. Though this year i do of course have a date and he is taking me out for dinner somewhere... i dont know where, its still a secret. But thats just fun :)
    Ive also bought a present for A. I wasnt sure if i should or not because its still such early stages of the relationship, but i figured why not.... its something which i know he needs and says he wanted - a phone case (which has all these cool special features) so i thought, its just nice to buy it for him. Especially as he has bought me dinner so often :) I definitely dont expect anything in return, infact i sort of hope he hasnt bought me anything because i am awful at recieving gifts. I just want to spend a nice evening with him, thats all :)

But anyway, remember if you are single or together with someone, you should show your love all 365 days of the year. Its not just like this one day of the year you show your affection and love to people and then you dont show any of it for the rest of the year, thats not how it works. So dont get caught up or sad if you are single this year.... think of all the other years you have to look forward to. You never know what is around the corner or what will happen next, which is something i can definitely say from experience!!! New things and new chances are just around the corner, as long as you are willing to step out and reach for them!

Onto the main topic of this post, i decided (Friday evening) that i would take this weekend and not schedule any posts. I dont know what my plans for the weekend are, but i feel that i have absaloutly no creativity and there is no point trying to sit and write out some words with absaloutly no flow. It will just be weird to read and not sound natural.... i do have topics i can write about and topics that have been requested to write about, but at the moment i feel no spark or creativity to write about them so the advice would just be bland. So instead of stressing over it, im just not going to post unless i have something important to write or have some time over and some creativity this weekend!! I feel more relaxed about this choice, knowing that i cant always write 3-5 posts per day, but also my posts have been so bland and repetitive recently. I feel i need a little break, to regain my spark and creativity. Find things to write about....
   And i know people want to read more about Sweden, about exercise, certain topics and such, but i just need to try to find my inspiration within those topics :)

And of courseYou can request any topic you want me to write or talk about. Or if you have any questions, its just to ask!!!

I am hoping that after my weekend i will come back in the new week with new ideas and creativity, though in all honesty i feel that until all my assignments and tests are over next week, until then my brain will be on default mode and my energy and stress levels will be at rock bottom.

So i hope you all have a lovely weekend and feel free to email or comment about your weekend :) Let me know what you did!! And i will of course update sometime during this weekend, its not a blog pause... just a 'there wont be so many posts this weekend'!! :)


  1. Hey Izzy! You look so good in the black and white picture!! I hope your date will go super well.
    I was hoping you could post more food pictures of what you eat :) because they inspire me to eat more and healthy plus I guess that would take some of your stress away because you wouldn't have to write a whole bunch ahaha. Also, maybe a post about HIIT exercise specifically? I have been thinking about that recently but havent made up mind mind whether or not to try it...
    Have a great weekend I hope you do well in all your tests and assignments :)

    1. I agree with this. i am aware that it may be triggering for people who are not enough recovered to read about fitness etc. but it would great with recipes about protein powder (as i just received my first powder and started fitness eating more stage in recovery ( though i am pretty much recovered i need the last inspiration to follow through with this)) . think these health/ fitness post would be great if you just put 'trigger warning' at the beginning for those still fighting their ed :)