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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Evening yoga

Today i ended (sort of) my day with yoga! Kundalini yoga to be exact, as my mum is a Kundalini yoga teacher. Ive gone to her classes several times before and never really found that yoga connection despite being a yoga child when i was younger. Its not really my thing anymore, though i believe 150% that yoga is good and has alot of benefits and i truly wish i liked Kundalini yoga, though its not for me. Even this time when i tried it, i found it wasnt really my thing. Though it didnt help that i had training pain in pretty much every muscle so that each movement felt 10 times harder and my thoughts wandered each time there was rest or meditation.
   I guess i just need to find another yoga form which is more my style, my mum has no problem with this. She would just like me to do yoga and meditation more often for my own benefit!! And i think it can help with restlessness, stress, anxiety etc

Ive tried it anyway which is important, try things a few times before you say you like it or not!!

Do you do yoga? Which type? :) 

I made a not so lovely face when i made this pose, hahaha so had to blur my face!!


  1. i would recommend power or interval yoga:) I do it myself sometimes and i really like this king of yoga.

    1. I second this. Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown and Bob Harper Yoga Warrior are great ones. Although, I think the Bob Harper one is more fun.

    2. Hmm i might look into that :) :) Thank you!

  2. Try vinyasa or power yoga. If you type ali kamenova yoga into youtube, she has loads of videos for all levels. I do them sometimes and they are really hard (if you're doing them right!) they are really dynamic and you sweat with them but also feel stretched out.