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Friday, February 13, 2015

Energetic Friday

Friday and it has been a really good, energetic filled day!!

It started off with a maths class and i was so bright eyed and energetic, it was crazy. After my lesson i felt like i could continue sitting fo another half an hour or so doing maths.... it helped that i actually understood what was going on!! hahah. Im good at maths, but i must admit the previous two chapters have just been super confusing!! But you cant be good at everything, right? Somethings need more work and brain power, and thats ok. I just need to find the time to sit down and start working through those 2 previous chapters once again so that i feel 100% confident with them not just 80% confident!!! Determined to get a good grade in maths (once again! hahah)

After that, my 5 hour break began so i headed to the gym where i plugged in some good music and was determined to have a good workout, with focus on just heavy weights. Usually i do lots of supersets and things but i decided to just focus on some of the base exercises like squats, deadlifts, kickbacks etc and it went really great!! Its a different type of workout when you focus on heavy weights, with lots of rest inbetween the sets compared to when you do drop sets or supersets or even tri sets. But also when you focus on the sort of base exercises and not all these funky variations which i like to do :)
  But variation is key, and im thinking maybe going back to just heavy weights and focus on progress with my strength as it has definitely stood still the past few weeks!!! (Just some exercise rambling! )
^^Those runners calves!! Ive always hated my calves because they have been so big, but now i realise that because of my calves i can run fast as well as far but also i can walk and move my body!! So who cares if my calves arent the size of my wrist... that is not how my body is made to look, but also i love walking and running too much!!!

And then i went back to school, ate lunch and then sat in the library for the next 3 hours working on all my assignments as well as working through my inbox... so now i only have 5 emails out of the xx emails in my inbox!! Felt super good and productive and my energy didnt fail me once, not even during my last class when i usually sit there yawning and cant wait to go home to eat. But i wasnt even feeling that hungry despite eating a normal sized lunch!!

But when i came home i made myself a big snack as it would go a few hours until i eat dinner (infact i dont even know what time im going to eat dinner!) so i made myself greek yoghurt with nuts & pancakes and coffee!!

And now im about to get ready, though i must admit its now my energy is starting to dip and an evening in bed sounds like a great idea.... but once i get ready i think i will feel energized and ready to spend an evening with A and his friend!!

How are you spending your Friday evening?


  1. (Instead of my useless evening, I'm just going to throw my today down here:)

    It was the prom day in Finnish high schools today. Me, just like basically all the other juniors are supposed to, just watched this time, but I got elated for the next year and now I'm browsing through all these fancy rags the web has to offer. Aw yas.

    Otherwise I'm just numb, in that neat Friday way. And all my school work is done for now!

    1. And the maths! That "nearly-getting-this-i-guess"-studying is so very frustrating and yet so attracting. Fortunately my previous chapters have been scarily simple!

    2. Sounds like a nice day... not sure what you mean with elated? Elected, or? I hope you have a nice evening and a lovely weekend :)
      And yeah, that maths business when you feel like you know it but not really, thats super annoying!!! But its great to hear that maths is going well for you :) Though it only gets tougher... but you might just have that maths brain as well? Where maths is simple for you, or? :)

    3. Elated = enthusiastic, cheerful, bursting etc :)
      And well yes, I've always had kind of a light time with maths. But I have still cried a river for it sometimes - it was tough settling down on the advanced maths program. Now it seems fine for a while (even though I never seem to lose my interest in sloppy errors: I often need to check the calculation for dozens of minutes because of a single sign flaw. Fatal for my head, I say.)

    4. And pssst: it's a word learned from Frozen

  2. Can you describe your workout for heavy weights? Maybe five examples of a typical workout for you. If you already have though... Could you direct me to a post about this? Thnx. I have just been running a lot and I feel I should do some weights for a change but I get bored with just light weights and plenty of reps...

    1. I didn't mean five... I meant some...

  3. i get depressed very often because i suck at maths (and i am only first year of high school) :((( i might even fail the whole year... i practiced so much to make so little progress... i feel hopeless

    ps i am so sorry, i have no idea why i am writing this, i simply want to tell it to someone :/

    1. I really struggled with math every couple of years. Sometimes the year would be super easy and then it was so confusing that I guessed my way through. Don't worry. I'm sure it will get better :) And failing isn't always a bad thing.
      And once you're done high school you may never have to do complicated math again :) I sure haven't used it.

  4. no offense but your calves aren't big at all, do you ever do any calf raises?

  5. how much is your max for squats and deadlifts?? you look so strong!