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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Dont let comments, likes and followers determine your self worth

How would i describe people on the internet now a days? Thirsty.

Thirsty for followers, for likes, for comments.... putting their self worth in followers and how many people like their status or their picture or how many reblogs or comments they get. Its a constant competition... that person has 5 thousand followers, that person has 50 thousand followers and the other person had 5 or 50 followers..... of course the person with 50 thousand followers is better than me? Has a better story than me? More inspiring than me? No. Of course not. Followers, likes, reblogs, comments. Those DO NOT determine your worth or tell you whether someone is better than you or not... everyone is different and you know what, social media is all about marketing. Branding yourself and working to get those followers and those comments. Either is just a lucky chance i.e that your picture or status or something gets published somewhere and suddenly the followers come crawling in like ants to their home/nest (?): Or it takes years to build up a following.

But dont get caught up in numbers or comparing you to someone else. Trust me, i have done it alot and can still do it at times thinking that bloggers who have more readers than i do or people on IG who have more followers or more comments or likes on their picture are better than me? As if my self worth is determined by one picture or by my blog? Of course not.
   Social media should be something fun, you should enjoy it if you use it. If you start getting anxiety and feel bad whenever you look at social media, then stop. Dont make yourself suffer that anxiety and negativity each time you log onto your computer or use your phone. My sister has deleted her IG  and other social media sites as she felt, she just wasnt getting anything positive out of it anymore. She didnt want to be bombarded by other peoples party pictures or all their perfectly posed and perfect pictures. And i can truly understand and praise her for her decision to do that.
  I personally love social media and its something i enjoy and is part of my life, but the day that it - if it does - starts to affect me negatively, then i will get rid of it. There have been many times i have thought... why not just delete my blog, get rid of my IG, get rid of all my social media and just never reply to a single comment, email or question ever again. But then i go to sleep, wake up the next morning and am excited to be able to share my words, share my thoughts and to help answer peoples questions and queries. So its something i enjoy and its part of my life, but i know for many social media is something negative.

First off, you just see all these perfect moments and pictures of other peoples lives and you compare yourself to that. But then there is also the whole 'numbers thing'. Its so easy to get caught up in numbers, people seem to like numbers..... whether its calories, the scale, counting down days, number of friends on FB, number of followers on IG.... people want to count things, see numbers. Not just live their life. But it gets stressful and brings you down if you are just obsessed with getting more retweets or more followers or more likes or comments... instead, focus on YOU. Ask yourself, why are you using social media? What is your purpose with it? If you are someone who wants to build a big following with thousands of readers or followers, well then it requires tactics and calculated actions. You need to be seen and share whatever it is you want to share with the world. It also takes time.... but remember, with more followers and such there comes more hate as well as..... do you know where you pictures will be used? Are you ready for lots of randomers and random people to message you? To like your pictures or send you pictures/messages? Are you ready for so many people to follow you... see your pictures or read your statueses or posts?

I went a bit off topic, but if you are someone who gets caught up in numbers on social media and feel down because you might not have alot of followers or readers or dont get alot of comments. Then ask yourself WHY is this making you feel sad? Why is it a big deal?
  Because really it isnt.... the number of followers you have on social media doesnt define your worth, it doesnt make you more special or a better person. Trust me, people who have 10 followers on IG are just as awesome as those who have 10 thousand or 100 thousand followers on IG. So dont talk down about yourself or feel bad. You dont need loads of followers to make you feel better or justify you or your journey.

Let go of numbers and comparisons. If social media bothers you too much, then delete it. Take a break from all those platforms. It will HELP YOU. Trust me, you wont miss anything. It might feel like you dont know what to do with your life anymore or you wonder what other people are doing or what you are missing out on.... but you arent missing out on much. Instead, give your head a break!!


  1. :D This is an amazing post!! <3 Izzy everything you say here is so so true and I completely agree 100%. Thanks so much Izzy!! <3