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Friday, February 6, 2015

Beginning to workout again after an eating disorder

A very requested topic recently has been how to begin working out again after an eating disorder.

I think exercise is good - for all people, though sometimes you need to take a break and that is ok :) You dont need to workout everyday or every moment. 

But how to get back into exercising... or how to begin exercising, maybe you have never liked exercise but feel you want to start without getting obsessive or excessive?

I would say begin with a plan... start with maybe 2 days a week and then do something you will enjoy.... maybe thats a 45 minute walk or a 20 minutes jog or a Zumba class or some swimming... do something you will enjoy and not feel you are doing to burn calories. Then after a while if you feel you want to increase then maybe try 3-4 days a week, doing some form of exercise you enjoy... mixing it up i.e maybe doing zumba 4 days a week isnt necessary or going overboard with swimming or jogging. But doing a mix... one day yoga, one day jogging. another day circuit training, another day a bodypump class etc

Starting off slowly is the best, also maybe working out with a friend or family member. This can make working out more fun and to get to spend some time socializing as well. Its take away the whole 'burn calories' mindset as well when you workout with someone else and just have fun!

 Make sure to eat enough - pre and post workout fuel! This can vary depending on when you workout but try to eating something 1-2 hours before you exercise and then eat something small atleast 30 minutes after you workout and then a bigger meal 1-2 hours after!

For some people they find setting up a goal can help them stay away from the obsessiveness because they feel when they dont have a goal they feel like they arent doing enough or they dont see or feel progress. So decide whether you want to set up goals or not... for others having a goal is what causes the obsession.

Listen to your body and be aware of your thoughts... if you begin feeling guilty because you will miss a workout or you begin to prioritize your exercise before everything else i.e you cant stay after school because you need to workout or you cant join your friends for brunch because you are going for a run then etc then those thoughts arent good. Also listening to your body... too tired to workout? Then skip it. What will happen if you do? Nothing.... you cant let guilty and anxious thoughts control you or make exercise become something anxiety filled.

Exercise is NOT a must. Its something you should do because you enjoy it... When exercise becomes something connected with anxiety and guilty feelings, then you know its wrong.

My opinion on beginnig to workout at home? I personally dont think this is a good idea, not if you have had an eating disorder. The home should be a place you can relax... but if suddenly your bedroom becomes a place you workout and feel you havet o workout everyday for 60 minutes then it can easily become obsessive and not healthy. So i say its better to go somewhere else and workout and if you cant afford to workout somewhere else then ask yourself, why are you working out? Does it make you feel happier and better or is it to compensate or get rid of anxiety? If it genuinely makes you happy and you enjoy working out at home, well then i guess there is no problem with it. But its important to be conscious of your thoughts and reasoning's!

Make sure to also get enough rest. Enjoy what you are doing. Whether you decide to set up goals or not is up to you and what you feel best with :) SO hopefully this helps!

If you want anymore advice its just to ask and i will try my best to answer in the comments or in a post :)

It can also be important to know that if you were a regular exerciser and took a break during recovery then your stamina and strength might not be the same as before, but you can get back to the same stage again. Take it easy to begin with, dont start at 150% and think you will be at the same level... instead, let your body adapt!


  1. I totally agree that getting out of the house and working out with someone is much more fun than alone in your room:) Is that dolphin pose I see in the last picture? It's one of my favorite exercises!

    1. Dolphin pose? I'm pretty sure it's the plank ;)

  2. Sitting is worse of an issue for me than not exercising!!

  3. Hey Izzy, great post! I recently started running to try and 'get fit' for a 6.5 K race. I found that after a week I can easily run 10 k in 65 minutes. However ... doesn't that seem a bit too good to be true? Is it possible that I achieved this endurance by doing fast walking, at least an hour a day, for the last few months? Please excuse my strange question but I have never been able to run like this before, just a year ago I would have struggled to run 1 K. Now I can do 10 K, and I can barely believe it. I have been wondering if I should tell my family I ran 10 K, because I honestly don't think they would believe me either (I have never been a very sporty type). Please let me know if you think this kind of transformation is possible. I am going to win that race ;)