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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Baking and creating yumminess

Baking is definitely one of my favourite hobbies, though one i dont do so often.

Reason 1) I dont really have the time
Reason 2) I eat half of what im making while im actually making it
Reason 3) I then continue to eat too much of the finished product.

Though i like to think.... when you bake something, then the calories dont count ;);) hahah (No dont get me wrong, i dont count calories and you shouldnt see food as calories. But yes, i am only human and its so easy to eat 5 cookies at once when there is a big plate lying right infront of you :)) But its so delicious so i cant help myself :)

I decided to make 2 of my favourite things which both taste delicious and are simple to make:

Gooey chocolate mudcakes with chocolate pieces in the middle and my absalout favourite cookies and cream cookies!!!

^^That cookie was almost the size of my face (and i ate it all!!!)
I made two really big cookies, one for me and one for A, but i've already eaten mine. haha XD It was too good to wait!

The cookies and cream cookies recipe is already posted but i can post the recipe for the gooey chocolate mudcakes if you want :)


  1. hahaha that big cookie is so cool ^.^

    could you please answer some emails, i sent mine 3 days ago (sorry if i am bothering you)

    1. I'll try answer them but I haven't really had the time to answer... remember I don't wrote out everything I do on my blog. The past few days I have barely had a moment to sit down or use my computer... many of my posts are scheduled ;)

  2. I cannot find the post to your cream cookie receps ;o Could you post it in the answer post under my post or in another post please :$ It look pretty goood! SO delicious! J<3

    1. :):) They are delicious you should definitely make them!

  3. as i know izzy is really busy :) here is the post with the recipe:

    1. Thank you for posting the link to the recipe :) That is so sweet of you!

  4. I'd love to see the recipe for the gooey chocolate mudcakes. They look amazing!

  5. I love adding white chocolate-even to things like drizzling it over french toast as a treat. The Mudcakes look yummy :) do you ever bake fruit muffins/breakfast muffins? I try to bake them and have them for the week as part of adding carbs to my breakfast plan.

    1. I love white chocolate!! Its soo good :) Ive never made breakfast muffins before, i dont really have the time to make those things, but it would be delicious to have some scones or like whole grain muffins in the morning!!

  6. I wish I could eat regular stuff so bad!! Im so afraid of sugar tho >< ugh