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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Addicted to technology

Something which i dislike is when people say that the youth is addicted to technology and the Internet and to some extent it's true.  I mean I am sure we all know 3 people who when in social situations spend 90% of it on their mobile or all they do is spend their time on the computer.
   But at the same time society has made us addicted to the Internet and technology. Yesterday my normal computer refused to work. ... I haven't been using that computer (I've been using my school computer for everyday use as well, but I didn't bring it home yesterday)... but my normal computer has kept crashing over the last few weeks. But I thought it would work.... but nope. Not at all..... and that created some trouble. Both my mum and sister were busy with their own things on their computer so couldn't use theirs....and in the end got absaloutly nothing good done since I came home. Couldn't blog, couldn't do my homework (as it's all online), needed to watch a documentary for homework and couldn't do that either.... in fact by 9pm when my computer was still in a frozen state and I began feeling tired I was like, why not just go to bed now.... I have nothing better to do anyway, so that is exactly what I did!! Hahah

Though it shows how people complain that everyone is addicted to technology but that is sort of how society is at the moment..... I mean I love blogging so I decided to blog on my phone instead... for now. But then there is also school work and information that is online!! Anyway, I feel I'm babbling... but I wanted to write an update. .... not sure when my next blog post will be, but hopefully within the next few hours anyway!!!

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  1. I don't think that it is the people who are addicted to technology and the internet. Nowadays, everything can be done using the computer and honestly, everything is done using a computer. I think it is society and science that made us so dependable on computers and other stuff. I mean nothing would work without computers! The other day I was at my doctor's and the computer crashed. All the patients either had to wait for hours or make another appointment because they weren't able to do anything. The doctor was here but since the patients couldn't be registered he couldn't do his job. Since I didn't have anything better to do I suggested to wait and it took them 3 hours to fix that! Society relies on technology and above all electricity! Without these nothing would function properly!