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Monday, February 16, 2015

50 shades of tiredness

Today i have felt extremely tired, every hour has passed slowly and I've just wanted this day to be over. To jump into bed and sleep for a week. In fact I've gotten about 5 or 6 comments about how tired I look.... don't worry, I already know it. Trying to juggle so many things in my life is tough not to mention that my food intake has been very low the past few days which is not good. One day of not eating so much and I can already feel it... Both physical and mental tiredness. 

   So when I bought lunch I also bought myself salted nuts and chocolate covered nuts as it has been forever since I last ate (before Christmas! !! XD)  and I didn't think I would eat it all at once... but yup, after my lunch salad I ate the 350g bag of nuts as well!! XD that's what happens when I haven't been eating enough and it goes quite a few hours since my previous meal. But it was delicious and filling!!!
ive already eaten most of the chocolate covered nuts!

    Then i met the doctor and my results were fine, they have improved since beginning with asthma medicine.... so now both CF and asthma -_-' that's life though. No point in complaining!!!
Came home, opened up my computer, did nothing productive and somehow the hours have passed!!
It's only 7pm here in Sweden but I'm about to make myself dinner and then go to bed!!!.my body and mind needs sleep!!!


  1. Haha , that title made me smile :D :) you are not the only one who's feeling tired today (both body and mind) - I'm feeling like that as well -_- i wish you a good night, rest well <3

  2. I was extremely tired today aswell, thought i was going to fall asleep in class:D

  3. Im really tired today too!!! I also have/had asthma. During my high school years I did sports and such and would cough a lot. I think it was my lungs way of telling me that they needed more oxygen and a break. I had my first real asthma attack last fall and I felt my lungs closing up. Since then though I haven't had any problems (except walking to class today I had a little trouble breathing but that was probably the negative temperatures!! -5F...negative 20ish C I think!?!) But I know my friend has also experienced this as well so who knows! May your asthma will go away! Or at least so you don't notice it as much...not sure how well that would work though with cf :/ But im glad to here that your results came back better :) Not being able to breath is really scary and I couldn't even begin to imagine what you experience with cf and now asthma.

  4. Love your outfit!!!
    How did you get into weight/strength training? Did you have a personal trainer or youtube how to navigate the gym? I'm starting to consider incorporating some lifting but feel really overwhelmed by the gym!