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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What to do when you are feeling very low/depressed

What do you do when your depressive and low/suicidal thoughts come back sometimes? Like when you just feel pointless and upset?

When you are feeling low, i think the best thing you can do is to talk to someone. Whether its a parent, sibling, friend, partner, therapist...... when you have things on your mind, it doesnt help to bottle them up and try to avoid the problem or think that just thinking happy thoughts will help. Of course, being positive and thinking positive thoughts help. But when you are feeling very low, sad or are having depressed thoughts. Then getting some feeedback, advice or just some words of consolation can be very helpful.

If you dont have anyone to talk to, then writing whether its on a blog, in a journal, writing to a friend or writing an email to someone, it can help to let it out and just get whatever is weighing you down out. Others prefer to draw or even write poetry to try to get whatever feelings and thoughts are in their head out.

Its important to be kind to yourself when you are struggling as well. Generally when i have alot going on or i am feeling very low and stressed or even have some negative thoughts creeping in. Then my hair, skin, nails and my room are just forgotten about. I dont have energy to take care of those things and i would much rather just lie in bed. But i can tell you, you wont feel better by not taking care of yourself or your room. So try to gather some energy, do some cleaning in your room and wash your hair, wash your face, scrub and clean and moisturise..... even if you're a guy! Take care of your body, because that is a first step in taking care of your insides as well.

Also.... go buy some D vitamin and make sure to take those everyday and drink lots of water. I know this might not help your thoughts or make those dark thoughts go away, but water and D vitamin help your insides and D vitamin can help fight depressive thoughts as well as exercise. So if you are allowed, go for a walk, do some yoga, do some running or even a dance class. Exercise can be a good way to feel better because of the endorphines.

My personal favourite is good music and walking... if i ever wake up and just feel terrible and would like to disappear, then i might walk to school those days because then i arrive at school feeling SO MUCH better. I have been able to process my thoughts, get more energy and able to listen to some good music!

Find some place of calm and do your favourite things. Sometimes when you are feeling low all you need to do is shut off social media, turn off your phone and grab a book and a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate and just sit under a blanket..... or if you're somewhere warm. Go out into nature or to the beach or even a library and just have a place of calm. Though shutting out the world and people trying to contact you for more than 2-3 days will just do the opposite and can make you feel worse and more lonely. So dont do that for more than 1-2 days. Its good to be able to be reached if you are feeling low.

Try to smile and think positive thoughts.

Here are some good websites to visit:

Look at funny gifs or videos, or watch your favourite film!

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  1. This post was such a wonderful help!! thank you so much for this!