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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

What makes YOU happy?

This afternoon i spent some time thinking about what makes me happy... the small things in life. Friends, family, working out etc that all makes me happy. But then there are some small things in life which just add positivity and happiness to my life :)
  So i thought i would share them and that YOU can share YOURS. So that we can spread some happiness and positivity here on my blog :)

Find the things in life that make you happy :)

  • Tea and coffee. In the morning/afterschool/evening... just sitting and drinking some tea or coffee is something i always appreciate to the max!! Best enjoyed on my own if im honest :)
  • Good music. Music can always make things better!! There is music for all times, emotions, feelings, moods :)
  • Fluffy socks and my soft night gown. I love,love,love these :) My feet are always cold so wearing fluffy socks is the best thing i know. And wearing my nightgown when i get up in the morning.... i feel like im still in my bed then :) Still kept all warm!!!
  • Laughing & laughter. Whether its because of funny videos, funny pictures, friends or just because i feel happy. I love laughing :) Sometimes all you can do or all you need is to laugh!
  • New bedsheets and duvet... you know that feeling when your bed has been made with clean sheets? I love it!! Then i never want to leave my bed :)
  • Waking up in the morning with energy... or morning kisses :) Thats always really nice and makes me happy as well!
  • Sunshine!!! If the sun is shining there is a 90% chance that i will be in a good mood and feeling happy :)

These are just some small things in life that make me happy :) APPRECIATE the small things in life :)


  1. I really like this idea! Apart from big reasons like family, friends, being recovered, running, sone things that make me happy are...
    1) delicious snacks (chocolate, strawberries, pancakes, questbars)!!
    2) traveling is something that makes me smile and enjoy new experiences
    3) meeting new people and discovering all the things you have in common. You get that exciting feeling!!
    4) saturday mornings ;)
    5) not being in a rush, being at peace and calmly enjoying my day as I go, having time to think and enjoy every moment :)
    6) long fluffy socks!
    7) hikes with my dog
    8) hugs and receiving smiles from strangers (not the creepy kind, haha!)
    9) the feeling after taking of your socks after a long day, washing your hair and diving into your bed, ahh!!

  2. Warm cake, holding hands, getting little gifts for my friends/family, pajamas fresh out of the dryer, a puppy that's so happy to see you when you get home, giggly phone calls with friends, getting flowers, doing ballet, falling asleep in someone's arms, getting a really good grade on a test, the first snow, baking bread...haha, so many things :)

  3. Here is some of my small things.
    Being able to spend time alone, just sip coffee and do just something by myself
    Unexpected compliments
    Smiles from strangers
    And to add to Izzy´s clean bed sheets, they are even better if you have just come out of a shower :)
    Succesfully finishing something you worked hard for
    Reaching goals

    Have a great sunday!


  4. Oh this is so fun!! :)
    listening to music with the people you love
    sushi with friends
    green & mint tea
    running socks
    french fries
    funky yoga poses
    making eye contact with people and sending them good vibes and love