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Thursday, January 22, 2015

What are your goals this week?

Day 3 of my Positive Recovered challenge
(If you're participating leave your link below and i promise to try to look at your blog! :))

What are my goals this week? Welll...... its Thursday meaning half the week has gone so its almost no point to write my goals for the rest of the week because they are quite literally, to make sure i get enough sleep, to study hard and get all my work done this week.....
  and as it the 22nd January, its not so much of the month left.

But apart from those basic every week/every month goals..... what are my goals for the rest of this week and month?

To start reading a book..... i do need to read swedish book for school, so that will take up time. But i also want to begin reading an english book, it feels like it was months ago i last did this. Do you have any suggestions of good books? :)

I also need to study more french.... its been more than a month since i last did french, which is the opposite of helpful and infact ive now taken a big step backwards :( So going to work hard on that this weekend and ask for extra work ( :( :( ) so that i can show that i am capable and can do the work but also so that it will help me.

I really need to go to the doctor but i seem to find every excuse to not go...... I could be dying or having a heart attack and still not want to go to the doctor. :/

I need to stop spending my money on chocolate/protein bars/energy drinks when im out or in school......

Reply to people sooner..... a resolution of mine is to reply to people i.e messanger or test within 3 days..... hahahah XD But seriously, it could go a week before i reply before. But now im managing usually within 48 hours. I need some type of electric shock necklace where each time i dont reply to a message i see then i should get shocked!!! XD

These are just some of my goals for the rest of the week/month/year!!! :)

What are some of YOUR goals this week/month? :)


  1. Hi Izzy!! I have managed to do evry singleday so far !!

    heehee these are great izzy :) but why do you feel as if you should stop treating yourself and buying choc/quest bars etc? ;) have a lovely day Izzy <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I startedbreading 'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler and I really like it :)
    Heres the link to the challenge question on my blog :)
    I started reading 'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler and its really funny :)

  3. Hi Izzy my link is or you can just click on my name which might be easier :) I have really been enjoying it thanks!