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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Vlogg: Loving your body

I just want to say thank you for all the lovely comments about my previous video... so here comes another one!! :)
  I am super forgetful, just talking lots and such... im no vlogger. I prefer to just type :)

(video below!)

Anyway, i realised that i had forgotten to talk about the main thing which i had planned to talk about!!!

Learning to live life and forget what your body looks like. People seem to pay too much attention to their body and the way their body looks, but really... there is more to life than that. Yesterday when i was enjoying myself and celebrating New Years eve, despite having a bad body image day before hand and just hating how i looked. When i finally got out i just forgot about that, i could enjoy myself and be happy. Not care about how i looked. To be able to live life, have photos taken of you, be with friends, go on adventures and such and just not care what your body looks like. Its freedom. But also you realise that there is so much more to life than what you look like....
  So many people focus on having a low body fat procent or a flat stomach or lean legs or whatever, but in the end you wear tops and jeans and coats anyway. Of course during summer or warmer countries you arent as covered up, but who cares. Who cares how your body looks... i know society tells us we have to look a certian way, we have to be thin or have a flat stomach to fit in but thats not true. I know i may seem hypocritical and ive been asked if i would love myself if i look different and i am sure i would.

But you need to learn to live life and not place so much emphasis on how you look... to not care how your arms or legs or stomach look. To just be happy, to be comfortable and be able to do other things than sit infront of the mirror and cry or be too afraid to leave the house because you think people will judge you.


  1. I love how you walk up to the camera with your tea cup and go "Hi" - just like I imagine a talk show host would do :)) haha! You are so pretty btw, and my gosh you are always saying the right things. I compare myself to others very often. I wish I looked like you, my friends, "that girl on instagram", bretty much anyone but myself.. But you've made me apreciate myself a little more by posting this video :) I know that the "flaws" I'm seeing in the mirror are actually the reflection of my struggeling mind. Stuff become so difficult to deal with that I objectify them. For example when I realizezd that I have pretty much no social life, allthough I do have several really good friends, I started noticing my cellulites on my front thighs and butt; my but is pretty flat; I am really weak even though I do excercise ect. ect. I think that if the cellutites were gone, then I would be happier. But that doesn't even make any sense because the cellulites weren't the actual problem to begin with! One part of me is aware of this, but the irrational part is like "hey, you aren't supposed to know that, let's just ignore that" :/ Ahh, life is tough XX

    1. meheh, suddenly realized it might be coffee not tea :P ;)

    2. haha thankyou :) Its actuall coffee... but same thing almost!
      You need to listen to the rational part of your mind... dont listen to your ED. Because getting rid of cellulite wont fix your problems or make you happier... its just because you are focusing on those small things. When instead you could be focusing on the things you dont like about your life and making them better and more positive!

  2. I loved it *-* I had already commented it on your Youtube Channel, but I'd just like to say it again: your advice is always the best. I think you should do vlogs more often! You are incredible and, just to relate to the things you said, I have you as my inspiration to recover and look healthy and beautiful :)

    1. Thank you so much, this is so sweet of you!!

  3. I just wondering how old you are? Are you from Sweden or Ireland?
    I think you are strong,wonderful,beautiful and a good example that you can get healty from anorexia.

    1. Thank you so much :) I dont say my age.... haha.
      And i am born in Ireland but currently live in Sweden.