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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Unusual Saturday morning

Good morning everyone :)
 its 8.20am here in Sweden and ive already been awake 4 hours or so!! Waking up before 8am on a weekend is not really my ideal thing to do! But anyway, onto yesterday..... after eating a quick snack and getting changed i headed to A's work place where i got to meet all his co-workers and friends. Then we headed back to his place and watched Hobbit 3..... and in all honesty its 2 hours 30 of just war and battling. Not my favourite type of film but now i have seen the Hobbit films anyway. I dont know if i would recommend them or not? Its not really my type of movie but that doesnt mean its bad.

By the time the movie was over we were both so tired so i decided that i would sleep at his place.

If anyone has read my blog for a while they might know that i can get quite anxious when i sleep at other places than my own bed. This is something i developed after spending so many months as an inpatient.
  But i didnt feel any anxiety or worry or want to go home!!

As he is working today he had to get up at 6am so i woke up as well then but tried to get back to sleep as we had only slept roughly 4 hours or something but after 30 minutes of just lying there i decided i might as well get up and get ready to go home.

The first thing was to figure out how to take myself to the nearest station and then once i leave the apartment and look outside i see its a snow storm outside and i had my sort of 'heel boots' on & a skirt and tights and my non winter/snow coat. Then when i got to the nearest station and look at the time table i realise that the train doesnt always stop there... only if you have somehow contacted someone telling them that you are going to get on/off at that station. So i stood there half panicking because the next train would go in 30 minutes and i had no idea where a bus or other train station was.... but luckily the train stopped and i got on and an hour later was home again!!!

So now im just after eating breakfast and about to clean my room and then i'll see what i do. I had planned to go running today but the energy for that just isnt in me as well as it is a snow storm outside. So i think instead it will just be food and study and then i'll see what my plans are this evening :):)

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