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Friday, January 30, 2015

Those bad body image days

Today has been a really good day and i have felt really good and felt a bit like goldilocks with my hair all new washed.
  However when i came home and after eating my snack i was going to change as i started feeling super uncomfortable in what i was wearing, like my clothes were getting tighter and yup... im in another phase of bloating. hahaha. XD Its like as soon as i ate i bloat. Somedays its just like this and sucks... especially when you are trying to look and feel good. So after numeerous changes, running around in my room in search of a top to wear. Looking in the mirror, disliking what i see, walking away only to walk back a few moments later because i need to put on make up etc
     These days and FEELINGs suck. But i know they will pass... i guess its tiredness, it has been along week afterall.

And my best tips when you feel like this... i.e disliking what you see and feeling a certain way.

1) Remember its just a feeling. No... you arent expanding, no you havent gained a kilo fat in half a day. Its just feelings.
2) Drink some water. Write down your thoughts. DONT panic.
3) Put on something cosy or nice or try to just not think of what you are wearing and how you feel.
4) Distract yourself!! Dont just sit around and feel bad, instead do something.

I dont really have an option, i have to leave in 1 minute... (Why am i blogging? By the time this is up ive already left anyway!)

We all have these feelings and thoughts. They suck, they can ruin your day, but DONT LET THEM. Instead disconnect your thoughts from your body, you are NOT your body. You are so much more than your appearance. You are you and your personality and qualities and traits.
  So dont just let your appearance control you. There is so much more to life than that... because yes, people bloat. I cant stop the fact that im bloating right now... uncomfortable, sort of. But im only human!!!

A bit of a rushed post but i just wanted to write out my thoughts a little, show you that im only human and also have fat/bad body image days as well!!! Also SHARE your tips on what you do to help when you have bad body image days or feel fat incase others need them :)

1 comment:

  1. hey izzy :)

    when i feel uncomfortable, i wear big clothes and i drink tea. And i visit my horse. I go riding or only spend time there, because animals take you the way you are, no matter how you look. And it's good that it's possible to be and act the way you feel.
    I hope you feel better and have a nice day!
    Big hug