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Sunday, January 11, 2015

The human body: Tummies

Stomachs, the case of anxiety within many people. Why does the way your stomach look define your mood? Your feelings? How the rest of your day will go?
  Who cares if you are bloated? Who cares if you have rolls? Who cares if you have stretchrmarks? Who cares if you have scars? Who cares what the colour of your skin is or if you have freckles or spots?
  What does it matter if you have a flat stomach or a toned stomach or a curvy stomach or a round stomach? Who cares... paying all your attention to how your stomach looks will never bring you happiness because your stomach quite honestly has a life and mind of its own. Sometimes you cant help that you are bloated. But also having rolls are curves and a sticking out stomach, thats all ok and normal.

So instead of comparing yourself to super skinny photoshopped or '"certain-posture-certain-light-certain-angle" pictures... here are some real pictures you can look at and compare yourself to.

Real beauty and everyone is different.

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  1. Hey izzy
    I needed this. I spent the majority of yesterday morning (I am embarrassed to say) crying over the fat that has accumulated on my stomach since I restored my weight. I have no fat anywhere but there. It makes me frustrated because I work so hard and exercise often so I should be toned. My mom told me not to worry thought because I am healthy now and it will likely redistribute eventually. I can't believe I was crying over fat!!

    1. Plus, I just started to reduce my prozac so... That could be a reason for my emotions also x)

    2. You shouldnt feel bad. Maybe you should take a break from exercise, ask yourself why are you exercising? Just to look a certain way? Is that really healthy. Maybe your body needs a break and so does your head. Happiness wont come from trying to change your body. Instead enjoy your workouts, only workout if you want to. If it will bring you happiness and a good feeling, not a feeling of hatred because you think you are ugly or fat. Thats wrong.
      You are beautiful just the way you are, and everyone has fat on their body. It is normal and it is healthy and there is so much more to life than that anyway.

  2. Well you can say the abs are not important when you have them. But you are a little wrong with this post. Well abs define someone in the way that you can tell that person have put in a lot of hard work,determination,ambition,consistency. That person is very strong mentally and physically because doesn t have an eating desorder,to have abs you gotta eat,but Is so powerful to resist to eat all the processed food that doesn t contribute to her goal but you crave because it s addicted just like drogs and alcohol. (Scientifically proven) so don t say that if yuou have or not have abs is the same. Because it is really not. You will never know the struggles and the ambition of someone that has them. Like it says if it would be easy,then everybody could do it or in this case have it.

    1. I disagree with you. One can have an eating disorder and abs - eating disorders are mental disorders, your appearance does not determine whether or not you have an eating disorder. I am aware that many people struggling with an ED does not have visible abs, but some actually do. And secondly, it really doesn't take that much to achieve abs - I had very visible abs about a year ago. I didn't have a bad relationship with excercise or food. I got coments on the fact that I ate a lot - and I actually did. It's just that I wasn't eating enough to keep a higher fat percentage because I was doing strength training 3 times a week, and I had a couple of hard PE classes at school in adition of that. Now I am eating more than I did back then, and I have only got 1 PE class, and my abs are less visible. They are still there (under a protective layer of healthy body fat). But I can still see them when I flex. But most importantly I got my period back - which is why I made a change to gain some BF.

      If you are craving junk food, than that is your body's way of telling you that something's up. It could be that you're bloodsugar level is a tad low, that you are stressed, that you need more energy, that you lack a certain vitamin or mineral that is found in that food, that you are bored or that you are lonely etc. etc. I never even once craved processed foods (or drugs and alcohol for that matter ;) ) simply because I thought the food I was eating every day tasted good, and I god so used to eating this way, that I started craving things like salmon, nuts, bread or a certain type of vegetable. Having visible abs was never my intention - that's why it was so easy letting go of it. I am just as happy now, and even a bit more. I love my body and excercising and food. It's all about balance, and not stressing. Stress causes water rentation ;))

    2. To the anonymous who answered. Exactly. i 100% agree!! People seem to think i have some type of crazy abs, which i really dont. I have a healthy protection over my abs and they are only really seen when flexing and in good light, but that doesnt bother me. There is so much more to life than whether i have a flat stomach or not.

      And i dont think abs are a good sign of dedication, sure its hard work. But is it healthy hard work? To eliminate lots of things in your life, to constantly tell yourself that you are never allowed a piece of chocolate, never allowed a glass of wine, or enver allowed 40g of nuts because you can only have 35g.... is that really healthy?
      And i know processed food or alcohol or chocolate or any food like that might not be the best food. But if you eat them in moderation, then what should that matter? It wont kill you and it wont cause a heart attack or clog your arteries just because you eat some chips or eat a pizza with friends. So if someone is obsessed with having visible abs and cause it dedication while they spend hours at the gym, weigh their food and isolate themselves from the world. Feel free to do that, but i dont personally think its healthy. Visible abs are not a sign of health or fitness. And yes, there are many people who have eating disorders who have visible abs because anorexia or bulimia arent the only eating disorders there are... there is EDNOS, orthorexia, anorexia athletica and others... and eating disorders are mental anyway, anyone, any size, any weight can have an eating disorder.

      Anyway, you have pretty much disregarded the actual meaning of the post.