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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The beginning is always the hardest

Good morning! My last day of the break today and this morning my body and mind refused to get out of bed. Despite it being past 8am it was still dark outside, it was raining and snowing (yup, that horrible rain/snow so everything gets icy and slushy outside). Daisy was cuddled beside me, my cover and bed was so warm and leaving my bed just didnt feel like a good idea. But somehow i dragged myself up - the past few days ive been trying to set my alarm to get used to waking up early as i'll have to get up around 5am for school tomorrow and the rest of the term! and at the moment im struggling to get up until 9am! Unless its one of those days where i just bounce out of bed at 7am and have loads of energy :)

So,,, if you read my blog post last night you saw that i am doing something "new" today... and that is, going on a date. A sort of blind date as i havent actually met the guy, but ive talked to him and such..... and so we decided we might as well meeet and see if we click or if we should just end the conversation and move on because we're not compatible. (Ok, we didnt actually write or say that, but i mean.... we both know it.) So whether its a date.... a meeting.... a hook up(??! no its not!hahah), i dont really know. But also im nervous because what if he is not at all like i have expected, what if i am not what he is expecting?

But im trying to remind myself that in the end, if nothing happens then i havent lost anything but also if it becomes weird and awkward then its just to make an excuse and leave and i dont have to see or talk to the guy again. Though i am actually really hoping this doesnt happen, because he seems really nice. But of course, i dont want to jinx anything.... (Whenever i say or write something is going to happen, it never does!) Thats why i prefer to write about things that HAVE happened, instead of will.... because will becomes never!

Sooo... its safe to say i am really nervous and i never panic or think about what im wearing but now all of a sudden i am.

But im planning to go to the gym, get rid of my nerves, come home, eat, get ready and then goo...... and i'll see where the day takes me :)



  1. Omg*_* Izzy this is soooo funny😜 I feel so happy for you trying out some new and very exciting things💪But I think it is such an unbeliiiievable fact that I tomorrow also for the first time of my life got invited by a boy I don't actually know personal, only from seeing😀😊I mean at all of my previous dates and relationships I knew the boy from at least some getting to know on a party or something, but this time the boy only saw me and started chatting and writing😀but I as well as you think it is very very important to stay open for new things and not blocking them right away☺️maybe its nice and you will be happy afterwards😊i of course wish you sooooo much luck and I probably know now how excited you feel😉 funny coincidence right?😊 you have to tell me how it went that I will be able to imagine how it could be tomorrow😊hahahaa
    xxx Ange

  2. Hi Izzy!
    Just be yourself tonight, because thats more than enough! Have a great night! :)

    -startingtofightfitlife (IG)