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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Strange day

What a strange and weird day today!!!
     Ill begin with the radio interview i did..... and well, after it was done i just started laughing as it went so horrible in my own opinion anyway. Alot of 'ehhmms' and forgetting what i was saying because there was noise in the background... Gosh, dont really want to know what i said or how i sounded. XD I think it was a live interview as well?
Today i have also gotten random comments/emails from people telling me they love me... after reading the article and i even got this super weird email:

hahahahahha. Not at all creepy?!!
Though it did give me a good laugh, im just hoping that i dont receive another email.

^^Dont worry, i dont mind people telling me they like me... but this person commented this on alot of my pictures and such.... too creepy for my liking.

Then at the end of school myself and some others in my class get called out because we have alot of absences and that can result in some problems. I got this warning before in first year but at that time i had had alot of doctors appointments with Mando and the CF clinic. All my life i have always had a high absence from school though i always had a reason for it, my CF. But the past 1,5 years i havent gotten a warning because my attendance has been good so i was really confused at first. All i have missed is 4 days i think from this school term, though that was enough to put me on the warning list.... and my reason for that was that i had no voice. Despite not having a voice on the Monday or Tuesday and Wednesday morning i went to school anyway as i didnt want to miss too many lessons, but then had to take Thursday and Friday off (my mums orders) so that i could get better. Which was exactly what i needed. Though it feels so strange that just those few days when i was actually sick would give me this warning..... But i have a valid reason and my mum as well as friends and teachers (the teachers i had while i had no voice heard how i tried to whisper an answer when asked a question or had to talk). So i dont think it will be a problem.... 
    There are quite alot of people in my class who are skipping alot of days in school and i am more worried about them and the consequences they will face than myself as i know that if i need days off because of my CF i have all right to take them (though now i just need to remember to call a doctor to get a note saying why etc)

Anyway, when i came home i was craving rice cakes like crazy... it feels like forever since i last ate them so went to the shop to buy some granola, toblerone chocolate and sour cream and onion flavoured rice cakes!!

Fried egg on rice cakes = delicious!!

This evening im going to do some reading, some blogging as tomorrow i think i will be gone pretty much all day and just taking it easy :)

How has your day been? :)


  1. Hahaha! I can't stop laughing at that email. Lol

    1. XD I get a few strange emails each day, but this one was definitely funny!!

    2. Was that a girl who sent it?

  2. Are those rice cakes called JUMBO? I love flavored rice cakes! Especially cheddar cheese or paprika!!!
    Haha I love you too!!! XD

  3. These are some really weird mails you got there! I hope you don't get any more ones like these!
    I'm going to the city with my mom later because we want to go on a ball this Saturday and she needs some new clothes because she doesn't fit in her old ones anymore and I wanna get a Dirndl, too. This is the traditional Austrian kind of dress ;-)
    Wish you a nice day!