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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Stop focusing on what to eat and not to eat

Now with the new year and all the new year resolution dieters i am noticing alot of people writing lists of what they can eat and what they cant eat. Labelling food as good and bad, healthy and unhealthy. People commenting and asking why someone put nutella on their sandwich? Isnt it unhealthy?.... Well what is unhealthy? I am sure we all know that if you were to eat 100g nutella everyday that wouldnt be the most healthy option, but if you take table spoon or two one day because that is what you wanted. That doesnt make you unhealthy.... Maybe eating nutella is healthy for that person anyway?
  When i was younger my night snack consisted of 5 digestives with nutella and whipped cream because that was what I needed, what was healthy for ME because i struggled with my weight and needed to eat high calorie foods. No food can really be labelled unhealthy, or in comparison to other foods they can. But just on their own, not really... because it is very individual as well. There are people who can eat a pizza and fries everyday and still be underweight, though maybe their blood samples and such arent the healthy. So its not just about weight either.

But its not like you go for one run or eat one salad and suddenly you are healthy. Its not like you just eat a pizza followed by some candy or you spend a week in bed and suddenly you are unhealthy. Thats not how it works.... There is more to it than that. When you are sick, then maybe you need to spend a whole week in bed and eat ice cream. That doesnt make you lazy, greedy, fat or unhealthy.

Just like someone could be running 10-20km everyday and only eating chicken breast, raw almonds and brocolli and have very unhealthy blood samples even if they may seem healthy.

Dont label food, dont see food as healthy or unhealthy, good or bad or what you can or cant eat. Of course for some people those 100 day no sugar challenges can be good, I myself have struggled with sugar addiction combined with a diet coke addiction and it was an addiction. I could drink 2-4l pepsi MAX a day and that made me crave sweet things even more and so i could binge on cookies or baked things i made. This was during my recovery from my relapse as well, so my hormones and hunger and fullness and signals were out of whack and all i wanted was energy, so of course i wantedlots of sugary food. But it did become an addiction i had to break, though i didnt begin doing that until i was at a healthier stage. It was not a 'im scared of sugar and calories' but a 'eating this much chocolate and cookies everyday isnt healthy, not even for me'.
   Though it is important to remember that BEING IN RECOVERY IS NOT THE SAME AS BEING HEALTHY/RECOVERED.
   Please. please. please remember this. I am sort of jumping off topic now, but i can get comments saying i eat too much of this or too much of that or that i eat too healthy etc, but who is it for someone else to judge what is healthy for ME? No i dont eat the same way i did when i was in recovery, i dont have to. I dont have to eat a cheese sandwich everyday if i dont want to, i dont have to drink juice to every meal. I have a choice and make a choice based on waht i want right at that moment. Do i want a bagel with cream cheese or do i want a salad with chicken or do i want oatmeal with salted nuts and some chocolate? So dont compare yourself to me because we are in different stages. You will realise this when you eat intuitively and have a healthy mind set as well as a healthy body. You wont need to think or care about what others eat or comment on what others eat because that doesnt matter to you. But also you have a choice... and the choice is not based on healthy or unhealthy, good or bad, high calorie or low calories. Its based on hunger, cravings and what you want right then.

Soooo.... to sum it all up. Stop caring what others eat. Stop seeing food as good or bad

Eating only brocolli is just as bad as eating only nutella. And lets all remember, you can still lose weight even if all you eat is nutella and it is still possible, even if it would be much harder, to gain weight while only eating brocolli. But neither would be healthy because you need all minerals and nutrients!!!


  1. I really like and agree with this post! You shouldn't restrict food from your diet, because that can set off an eating disorder
    Love your blogg.

  2. What have you done with your sugar addiction? I drink something like one glass of diet coke every day, and I'm scared that this could be an addiction...