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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Starting to feel better & busy working

Hello :):)
   I feel like i want to apologise for terrible updating - again. But its not that terrible, its just in my head. According to all the lovely comments you are leaving me - thank you so much, that is not the truth :)

Today i am feeling alot better, my sore throat is 90% gone and i was able to go for a morning walk (or more.... morning skate? haha. Just imagine a path covered in ice, thats how it was.) it took 10 minutes just to get to the actual 'nature/forest walking part' when usually it takes like 2 minutes! But it was nice to get fresh air and to move my body. My lungs dont appreciate the whole not doing anything. Its a complicated relationship! XD
  Otherwise i am bloating extremely! My bodies way of saying that it is trying to get better from an infection? Most probably. 2+ years ago having lots of bloating would have made me feel quite guilty and i would not have liked the fact that i havent worked out. In the past week i have only done one workout. But thats life!

Onto other topics... i have some nasty deadlines due tomorrow and Sunday so that means school work needs to be done and it is the absaloute worst right now. I would like to take a break from it all, but instead im just doing small bits now and again throughout the day to atleast do something.

And i am also working on my blog.... you might notice a few blog changes in the next days (or weeks) depending on how long it takes me..... and whether i decide to make the change or not. But there is alot i need to fix before it happens and im hoping they will just be automatic changes and not really mess up anything with posts, links, following etc Not sure if i will forewarn the change or not, i'll see :)  But that is what i have been working on alot for the past few weeks trying to get things done and research and edit and fix etc :)

And onto the final topic change..... its hard to feel sleepy and tired when you have spent 99% of your day inside doing nothing. Its 10pm and tiredness can not at all be found inside my body..... guess its a good thing im taking another day off tomorrow - to fully get better. Because i feel like i wont be falling asleep for another few hours. XD

So... tell me about your day ? :)

^^Breakfast this morning


  1. Hello!
    Oh so excited for the changes xxx Yeah! You're definitely the best :)
    I'm so happy you're resting and that you can appreciate even this! That's life! <3
    My day was good! First - school. Maths and history :) then a long walk with my dog Harry and meeting my new friend, it's a boy haha :D it was nice!!!
    Your updating isn't bad! Of course I would love to read more and moreeee!haha but that's life!
    Love you

  2. Do you eat less when you feel like this? Since you aren't as active during the day?

    1. I don't count calories or think about how much food I eat so it's hard to compare. But I would say I'm eating roughly the same. But then I don't really eat a pre workout snack when I don't work out. So a little difference maybe :)

  3. Izzy is it ok to have just a week of just rest from strict food and exercise? Just eating extra yummy foods like chocolate and cake, and resting/sleeping in, and laying around more? Is that alright? Will it make me gain or something?

    1. Of course it's ok :) in fact sometimes it's a good idea because that is exactly what your mind and body need :) unless you are eating extremely bug amounts then no, it shouldn't affect your weight. :) if you need to rest a whole week snö just eat ice cream and chocolate, go for it.

  4. What do you do when your depressive and low/suicidal thoughts come back sometimes? Like when you just feel pointless and upset?

  5. Yum! Whats in your square cup?? I had a long day with exams, but man they tired me out!! Im just glad they are done for sure.

    1. It's actually the container that quark comes in :) I couldn't be bothered to put it in a bowl. So I topped that with nuts! It's always a good feeling when exams are done :)

  6. Tomorrow is the last day of my examination, then it will be like a month break :) cant wait for that!!! Do you really eat all of them? That seems...a lot. I mean can you really push all of them in ur throat?? Wont you feel like super full?

    1. Good luck with your exams :) and with the pancakes I didn't eat them all at once as I didn't have the appetite for it. But I ate them all throughout the day :)

  7. I'm glad you're feeling better!
    Today is my final exam at university. Unfortunately it's only at 6.45pm and I won't be out of university until 9pm. still got some studying to do! Good luck with your school work!

    1. Good luck with your test :) I can't imagine having a test that late!

  8. If I'm too lazy to put my Quark in a bowl I also eat it simply out of the package.. just top it with cinnamon and it ' s perfect ;) :D