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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Sleepless night

Last night was a night filled with thoughts and anxieties and worries. All personal problems so for now i am not going to talk about them on here as its not relevenat anyway. I tossed and turned and eventually began texting my best friend, needing some sort of distraction and to just talk, However i watched as the minutes ticked by and i wasnt feeling tired at all, and just felt worse thinking and bout today when i have to go to sschool. Eventually i feel asleep though, not sure what time!
   I woke up withe 80% energy, so its not so bad. A little tired but i know i can still manage the day and during the weekend i am going to sleep as much as possible!

Onto something different, but still connects with the first topic. My mum sent me a link about magnesium deficiency (you can read it HERE). After reading the article it would explain alot for me.... really thirsty despiting drinking enough water, a hunger which cant always be satisfied but its not really hunger anyway, craving nuts, chocolate and cacao like crazy. Not being able to sleep as well and even more restlessness and anxiety.
  I am not going to self diagnose myself with anything, but i am going to start taking magnesium once a day and see if it helps.... and maybe i dont have such strong cravings for chocolate without really knowing why i crave it!

As my body doesnt absorb nutrients as well as other peoples bodies i have to take alot of medicine and vitamins so that my body does get the right energy and vitamins and minerals even if i eat a good diet. Though when i last did blood tests i had pretty much top levels of all the vitamins and minerals, but maybe my body isnt absorbing the nutrients as well at the moment hence why i might feel deprived of something. But thats something iwill bring up with my dietician :)

As you might know, i find it quite interesting how food affects the body, mood, cells, personality, organs etc because the way you eat can be the cause of your moodiness, personality, tiredness, insomnia, extra energy, restlessness etc infact a good diet for YOU can completely change your life and how you feel. So that is what i want to work with, finding the right diet (and also exercise plan if needed) to help people feel their best, as well as helping with self love and reaching whatever goal they may have!! :)

p.s by 'diet' i mean a way a person eats, not a restrictive diet :)


  1. I heard/read somewhere that when you are on your period your magnesium levels get low or something like that. So that can also be a reason. I think what you're planning to do is a good decision :) I know right! Ive always been interested in vitamins and how different vitamins and nutrients affect certain body parts etc.!

    1. Yeah that's true! :) but the symptoms have been for a few weeks/months ;)