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And since 2012 i have been declared healthy from my eating disorder.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Readers story - If you dont make a change, nothing will change

I wasnt sent this email which i think is very important to share about suffering from an eating disorder for long term. It does mess up your future, cause unwanted problems. Even suffering for a short term causes risks of brittle bones, anemia, osteoporosis, amenherreha, messed up metabolism and other unwanted things.
    So maybe with this message and readers story you might just think about what you do today and right now and how that will affect your future.

Hi Izzy, 
  I've had anorexia since I was 14 years old. I love reading your blog, I find it so inspiring. You are such a positive role model, especially to young people. Even though I've had this disorder for 34 years I've managed to lead a normal life. The torment every day is hard though. I've been married for 25 years to a great man. He knew I had problems but has stood by me all these years. My lowest bmi was X and I've never gotten over 17. I feel so blessed as I really should have died when I was 17. I've spent 3 years in hospitals during the teenage years. As I got married I desperately wanted kids. It drove me - hard as it was. I didn't think I would ever have any. Being told I may have made myself infertile was hard to hear. I guess i made a truce with this disorder over the years. Never being really bad but never being well. Now I have 8 berautiful children aged between 6 to 22 years. A couple of years ago I fell off a chair and broke 3 bones in my pelvis. It was very confronting, as over the years I developed osteoporosis and didn't know. I'm now back seeing my shrink. He did get a surprise to see me after 25 years. Fortunately he remembered me. I feel I'm finally making progress and on the way to be free and be really happy. I just want young people to know this disorder doesn't go away by itself - you really have to work hard. If they don't deal with it they will pay the price in their bodies later in life. I'm pushing on with my husband and kids behind me. I've been told I need to put on at least 8 - 10 kilos. Heres to a new year and a new me. I wish happiness to you. Such a lovely young lady and so much to give. Warmest wishes


  1. Wow. As so often is the case I came to read your blog and found just what I needed to hear. I'm struggling every day to get it right. To not slip back. I'm so scared about moving forward and gaining and every day can feel how easily I could go right backwards. I'm stuck in an inbetween - healthier but not healthy. Underweight but not so much now that I can't function. Alive but definitely not living a life. One of my biggest 'get better' drives is the hope that I haven't spoilt my chances of having children or affected my bone density. I'm being sent for a bone scan so I guess I will know more about that soon.

    Thank you so much to the lady who shared her story and of course to you Izzy because you inspire me to get better every single day! I will challenge myself today now :-) Only good things can come from being well again and free from anorexia forever.

    1. Its tough to recover and there is a lot of back and forth, but you need to keep strong and keep fighting. Know that your future can be better than your present if you keep going. Dont let your eating disorder contorl you or control your life. Weight gain isnt a bad thing and it isnt anything to be feared. The most important thing is to be healthy and happy. To be able to live a good life... do you really want to be stuck in the hell of an eating disorder forever?

    2. Really really I don't.

      Thank you for just being a bit of a light at the end of the very long tunnel Izzy! I love your blog - it really really helps :-)

  2. this convinces me even more that amenherrehea is not THAT dangerous (sorry :/ )

    1. If thats what you want to take from this persons story then do that... but remember you only have yourself to blame when you end up with consequences in the future or you dont change your ways.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. It is so important to support each other and know that we who have suffered with an eating disorder know the pit that we can fall into.<3