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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Questions about Sweden

Maybe you could include more posts about life in Sweden? I like it when you explain about things like fika, and the Swedish housing system, and Swedeners' attitude towards talking with strangers

I dont really write so much about Sweden and such because there isnt much to say, not in my opinion anyway. I dont really talk about politicis, religion, economy, society (ok yes i do, but society as a whole.... though now when i think about it. I could write a bit about how the swedish society can be a reason why there is such a high number of people suffering with some form of eating disorder here. Though there are people suffering in all countries).
I have already written alot about Sweden so you can find some things in the posts below :)

Swedish school system
Typical swedish breakfasts
Swedish midsummer
Difference between Ireland and Sweden

I was wondering if you could do a post on getting around Sweden. Like do you drive at all or have your license?? You talk a lot about taking the bus and you never mention driving yourself. And if you don't have your license, wouldn't you need one to drink and get into bars?? Haha sorry if these are common sense questions, I live in the U.S.

I cant really write for the whole of Sweden as it is quite different in the different parts of Stockholm, for example in Gothenburg i think its mostly the bus and tram you use. And then in Malmö im not so sure, most probably the bus... or maybe they have a train system as well? I actually havent travelled Sweden, i have only been to Stockholm and Gotland (an island part of Sweden).
   In Sweden you buy a 'travel card' which you can then use for the bus, tram, metro and commuter train (i.e pendeltÃ¥g). If you are going to use the train to travel to different parts of Sweden then you need to buy another card.... and the travel card you use in Stockholm doesnt work in different parts of Sweden.
  The metro is mostly in the city, so if you go further out... i.e the far regions of Stockholm (though.... its more another commun then, its not really stockholm) then its mostly bus.
   As i live in the city travelling somewhere within the city isnt hard and i dont think the metro system is so hard... whenever i travel to different countries it seems alot harder.

Below you see the metro system.... What do you think? Does it look hard? :)

So with driving... when you live in the city there are alot of people who feel no need to get their driving license, not to mention that it is crazy expensive and unless you know someone who you can practise driving with you will be spending thousands on driving lessons.

I have always been a little scared of driving and have never had dreams of driving a car or owning my own car. Infact i feel fine taking the bus or metro or walking places, i dont feel the need to have a drivings license. But of course it is good to have.
  At the moment my sister is practising driving and has done her theory lessons and so, so now she just needs to do the actual driving test. I was in the car when she was driving the previous day and she was good, but i still felt extremely nervous and not to mention that the roads were icy!!! 
  Driving makes me feel a little uneasy actually, so whether i do take my drivings license or not i dont know. I cant really see it happening in the next 2 or 3 years anyway, but maybe in the next 5 years.

And with I.D you buy an ID card or use your passport to get into bars and such :)

And in Sweden its 18 to get into bars and some clubs, but mostly 20 in clubs. However there is also monopoly on alcohol, so its the government who owns 'the alcohol shops (for lack of better word). They are only open for  a few hours each day, not open on Sundays and there are always guards there to stop underage people trying to buy alcohol. (You have to be 20 to buy there, even if you are legally allowed to drink at 18). Though that doesnt really stop underage people from getting alcohol anyway, i mean i was 16 when i was drinking and it was strong alcohol as well.... though i dont recommend or promote it at all. Especially not when you are underage. Alcohol should only be drunk in moderation and balance!!!!¨

So there you have some information about Sweden anyway!!

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