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Thursday, January 29, 2015

New things are happening

Hello :)
  Thursday morning and i thought it would be good to log into my Blogger and write a little update :)

Thank you so much for all your comments on my previous posts, i will reply once i get a chance!! I am also suprprised that pretty much 99% of you who commented would like to read more about my exercise, i didnt think people wanted that at all.
  So i might try write an exercise post or two a week... though im not sure what type of exercise post.... advice? My own exercise? tips on exercises (though if im honest, i dont know how comfortable i feel doing that on here, just incase!)..... but let me know :)

Anyway, yesterday was a really good day!!! After school i headed to A's plaace,, though i ended up missing one of the trains as i didnt understand which one to take and the next one came in 20 minutes, but he picked me up instead which was really nice so i didnt hvae to wait out in the cold!!
   We then went to get dinner which was at a thai place.... and i had chicken skewers with peanut sauce and rice. First time having it but it was really delicious :) Chicken and a peanut sauce works well!!!
    And then we drove to his place and watched a movie and just cuddled. Also, some of you may know already but....Yeah, i'm in an official relationship now. I had decided i might ask on the weekend if we could go public on FB with the relationship but it was just so nice yesterday and i just felt.... why not? I want people to know, but i also wanted him to know that i do want to be his girlfriend and not just have this label-less 'what are we' type of thing.

(I thought i would add a little funny thing: I have been quite secretiv to most people that im dating as i havent wanted to say im dating someone and then nothing happens, like last time and get loads of questions, so then when it got posted on FB my dad comments and writes 'call me' hahaha XD And not to mention all the curious 'who/what/when/how's ? im getting!!!)

Though i must admit now these thoughts of....what does this mean? will things change etc are popping into my head. Because yes this is my first official boyfriend who i actually like. Ive been with other guys but it was more of peer pressure or trying to find out if i like the guy and then i dont really.... If i must admit when i came home last night after spending the evening with A i did get these feelings freedom is taken away from me now when i suddenly know that i have a boyriend. Because my life will change, i.e i want to spend lots of time with him but i also know i need my own time. But.... its just in the beginning stages so nothing to worrry about now :) Its just thoughts i wanted to write down!!!
   Anyway, its exciting and im happy and curious to see where this will go and develop :)

Now however i need to get ready, eat some breakfast and get some blogging done :) So have a lovely day everyone!!!

**i wanted to post pictures but im using my old at home computer now so whenever i try to upload pictures it crashes. XD So i hope that its ok that there might not be any photos today!


  1. Izzy!!!! How exciting for you to be (FB) official now. I am so happy for you. Have fun-all your hard work to get healthy is sure paying off for you!!!!

  2. Izzy!!!! How exciting for you to be (FB) official now. I am so happy for you. Have fun-all your hard work to get healthy is sure paying off for you!!!!

    1. haha, thank you so much!!! :) Yes it definitely is, though life always has its ups and downs :)

  3. I wish you all the best! I'm so happy for you!

  4. You oh you. I hope you won't forget about us then, though! Just for the image: as you are quite a tall lady, I'm interested in his height compared to yours, is there a major difference?

    1. Of course i wont :) Blogging will always be my favourite :) Though of course, finding the time for everything and everyone will be harder :)
      And no theres not much different though i think he is like 3 or 4 cm taller than me.... so atleast he's taller than me :)

  5. Yay, I'm so happy for you ! :) I'm wishing you happiness ! :)

  6. Izzy, I'm so so happy for you!! :)) I wish you all the best, enjoy your time!
    And about the exercise posts.. I'd like to hear information on how to start a little strength training at home (only with a kettlebell as a little weight)
    Yours Jana

    1. Ohh thank you so much!! I will keep this in mind when i write posts and i might write a post about this... but like i said, i dont know whether i will write about exercises to do at home... as i feel that that can be too triggering and lead to too many negative thoughts as many people over exercise at home.

  7. I'm happy for you, that you found someone you like.To the question what you should write about exercise I suggest you write about what you like to read about your self, tip /advice, what you do, what you want to do in the future and suggestions to which healthy exercise blogs to read(if you read some). First of all what you think are important and focus on. I am happy you will write about exercise:)

    1. Thank you for the advice/tips :) I'll see what i post, i dont want to turn this into an exercise blog, but if i ever feel like writing about something with exercise then i know that i dont have to worry too much about triggering anyone :)