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Thursday, January 29, 2015

My exercise

If anyone finds posts about exercise triggering then you can skip this post, but i thought i would write about my own exercise right now :)

So i exercise most days a week, but it all depends on how my life is at the moemnt... if im sick or tired then i rest. If i dont have motivation then i rest. If i have extra energy then i might do intervals and strength training. If i feel like doing cardio then ill do an hour or 30 or 15 minutes cardio. Strength training is what i love doing, but i also love doing all forms of exercise and im just waiting until spring and when i have more freetime so that i can begin with my long distance running again as well as outside training and boxing. Just to vary things a little.
   Ive never really been one of those people who when they go to the gym they have a workoutplan to follow and they stand and do 8 reps then wait exactly 1 minute or 30 seconds before doing it again.... all in the hopes of wanting to build bigger muscles. Nope... thats not for me. Whether i rest 10 seconds or 2 minutes between sets all depends on how im feeling.

I personally love doing supersets and tri sets and recently have began doing drop sets during my workouts. This is to challenge my body and to keep doing different things. Because even if its tough and you feel your muscles burning, its a good burning, i know that im getting stronger and doing something which i couldnt do before. I also love the 1000rep challenge where you pick 10 exercises and try to do 100 reps in as few sets as possible. Though i usually pick 5 exercises and then try to do 100 reps in as few sets as possible of all 5 exercises and then the same thing again! The only problem with this is that it is easy to hurt yourself as you do so many reps, its especially easy with shoulders!!

My goals within exercise arent physical, if they were i would be doing a very different workout plan and be eating different. But i dont have time or energy to think 'now i need to eat this so that my muscles will grow' or i need to wait 30 minutes until i can eat for 'best results' etc etc all these rules and thoughts just to make your body build muscle or lose fat? Usch no... that is not for me. Following rules when it comes to food and exercise? No thank you, i will take my mistakes, learn from them, grow and do what i like best. And thats working for me, im getting stronger and that is a goal of mine :) Whether my physical changes or not i dont know, but in all honesty i am 110% happy with how i look now so i am in no need of my body changing and in fact i would prefer if it doesnt.

Back to exercise.... when i feel like it i do interval running on the treadmill usually for 10 minutes where i do 20 seconds sprinting at 16-18km/hr and then 10 seconds rest and repeat for 8-12 minutes. Thats usually the most cardio i do during the week, sometimes i walk to or from school if i feel like it. But its been so cold and slushy outside recently so that hasnt been so tempting.
   During the weekends i like to go for a walk if i get the time, its nice to stretch my legs, not get too stiff!!! But like i mentioned already, im waiting for the snow to melt as my goal this year is a half marathon and some other races :)

Now im trying to think what else you want to know :) But i guess its just to comment really :) If you want to read more about exercise then i can try to write 1-2 posts a week though i am very  clear that this blog WONT turn into a training blog. The focus is still on recovery and yes, exercise CAN be a part of recovery i mean it was definitely what helped me recover physically and mentally. Ive made mistakes with exercise ive gone overboard many times, but ive learnt from those mistakes. But i would recommend ONLY to begin exercising when you are 2-3kg from your HEALTHY weight/BMI.
    During recovery your body needs rest and recovery to repair itself. Otherwise you can cause more bad than good. So remember this, a BALANCE of exercise :) For enjoyment, for health not for vanity and to try to lose fat and have like 8% body fat because that is not a happy life.


  1. Hi Izzy, I recently stumbled across your blog and it is really helping me change my attitude towards eating and food and want to recover from an on/off eating disorder for the past 6 years.

    I have a question regarding exercise, how do you know if it becomes excessive? I have done around 2 and half hours of exercise a day for the past few years, it doesn't get in the way of my work/ social life and it makes me feel good. However I have been told to severely cut it back / reduce the intensity...

    Currently weigh 47.5kg at 163 cm, not trying to gain weight... maybe I should be I don't know.

    1. I'm obviously not Izzy ;) but I read your comment and would like to tell you my opinion... regarding your current weight and height I'd definitely recommend you to gain some weight because right now you are underweight which isn't good for your body!

    2. I think you have to ask yourself is WHY you exercise 2,5 hours a day? Is it necessary.. do you enjoy the 2,5 hours and what is it you are getting out of it? Are you doing it because you feel guilty/anxious/dont want to rest?
      You dont need to train that much... not if you want to be healthy, not if you want to maintain your wieght, not if you want to get stronger... 2,5 hours is TOO much. For the average person roughly 30-60 minutes a day is what is recommended. So i do believe that exercising this much is part of your ED and you have just convinced yourself that its not in the way because you have done it too long... i mean ask yourself... do you get enough sleep? Do you actually eat enough? Do you have energy? Do you socialize... do you have a life outside of your exercise and work?
      I do highly recommend that you cut down to 1 hour MAX a day. You are stressing your body alot with all this exercsie and it is not necessary, but also like the anonymous said, you are underweight and so you do need to gain weight. Doing too much exercise and not eating enough messes up your body, hormones etc