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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My date

  I am so sorry for the lack of posts today. I really didnt think my day would turn out the way it did... though it turned out alot better than i had thought.

*I love how i write this post like you are all my friends!  I havent even talked to my mum or sister yet XD*

So it began with a workout to stop my nerves and then afterwards i was like...I need new tight black jeans to wear today, and because i have needed them for a long time. But i thought why not buy them now so that i have something to look good and feel good in. So i spent 30 minutes in a shop trying to find jeans that fit and wow.... i remember why i hate jeans shopping. I much prefer sports pants or tights. But the guy working in the shop was so helpful and kind that i just wanted to give him a like 50% tip...  He was seriously the best help ever and i found a pair of pants that i really liked and so i went home quickly ate lunch while i got ready and then headed out again. The nerves building up in my stomach. But once we met then it just sort of became normal and first we walked to a cafe where we sat for a while and there were a few awkward silent moments and in my brain i was trying to figure out... is this a person i like or dont like.  Should i make an excuse and leave or should i see where this goes. But i decided to see where it goes so after 90 minutes or so he suggested going bowling and i thought, why not.
 Before we went there he asked me if i was any good at bowling and i said no, because the last time i played it i was terrible (though that was when i was 10 or so) so now when we played i was actually really good.... which surprised myself, but i think its my strength! But i think he is very competitive so took it almost a little personal, haha... so i had to throw a few bad ones, just to not seem too good. Even though i was shocking myself. haha

He then suggested that if i win (best out of 3) he would buy me dinner, and so... i won. And we then headed into the city where we went to TGIF. I ordered a falafel burger in pita bread (there were two of them) with a feta cream cheese sauce and chilli sauce and it was soooo good! Though apparently the guy has a really small stomach (he even said so himself) and he couldnt finish his burger whilst i finished both of mine... hahah XD Oh welll....Im not going to pretend im not hungry or not eat just because im with a guy. Either he has to accept me and my large appetite or leave XD

Then we continued to walk through the city and then when we were going to go towards the train i realise i have lost my buscard.... so we begin backtracking, walking the whole way back and back to the restaurant. But i didnt find my card... so that put a damper on things and i found my energy seeping away and remembering that i have school tomorrow. So he wanted to go to a bar and take a drink or something, but i realised i didnt have the energy for it so instead, we said our good byes and that we'll meet again some day!

Its the first time meeting him so can i say i like him, i dont know, but i mean you dont spend 7 hours with someone if you dont have some type of connection!!

Now however i am completely exhausted and not at all ready for tomorrow, i just want to sleep as i didnt sleep so well last night. But im about to pack my bag, take a shower and just relax and (yes, those 2 mini pita-falafel-burgers didnt fill me up so much XD)

And hopefully tomorrow its back to normal blogging :)

(Proof... hahahah)

As you can see... i won!


  1. Aaaah, I'm so happy for you, no matter where this is going, I think you had a good time. :D
    I actually only just read your post about the date and I got really excited for you, haha. :D
    I hope to read more about him soon, who knows. ;)
    Hope you have a relaxed evening now. :)

    1. Thank you :):) hahaha... i have no idea where its going, so it will be exciting to see myself :)
      Have a great day today!

  2. Ooooh, I'm so glad it went well! :D You're right, you definitely don't spend that much time with someone if you don't like them on some level! Eeeeee, so excited for you!

  3. That sounds great :) I look forward to hear how this will develeop :P Good luck :)

  4. hahaha i love the "proof" pictures!! lol!! :))))

    1. hahah, i sent that picture to my sister :) It was more also to show that i was alive as well :)

  5. I'm so happy for you ! :) I'm glad that you had a good time. Don't forget to smile more :)

  6. Hahaha poor guy, if he wanted to impress you with his bowling skills it probably didn't turn out the way he planned it ! Loved the proof too, not bad, even blurred and from the back ;) so happy for you. - Carine

    1. Hahah, i think that was his idea. So i felt really bad, but i was like... even when i tried playing bad it went good?!